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Rev. Jesse Jackson wins release of two Americans from Gambia prison

After a face to face appeal by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. on Sept. 17, the president of Gambia agreed to release two American citizens into Rev. Jackson’s custody who were serving long prison sentences in the West Africa nation and allowed them to return to the United States with Jackson on Tuesday. The two men were to return to the U.S. by plane with Rev. Jackson from The Gambia. ...

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Who owns the elephant? A folktale from my village offers life’s lesson for all

By David C. Butty There is an African proverb that says, “One finger cannot pick a louse.” One may derive different interpretations from this proverb, but the Grebos of Liberia believe it can be interpreted as meaning that we all need each other’s assistance at some point in time. This proverb has given many meanings to the concept of working together in a traditional village setting in Africa for centuries ...

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Equatorial Guinea takes on new life

By Harry C. Alford NNPA I have been hearing so much negative news and gossip about this small nation located on the Western African coast known as the Gulf of Guinea. It was as bad as the ridiculous things the press and others say about Cuba. We had to visit Cuba to see for ourselves. The negative things proved to be false. So, when the Sullivan Foundation formally invited us to attend the recent IX Summit ...

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Muslim cleric on United States enemies list shot dead in car

(GIN) – Riots erupted in Kenya’s touristic port city of Mombasa over the contract-style killing of a popular Muslim cleric who had many followers among the youth. Aboud Rogo Mohammed was murdered Aug. 27 by suspects traveling in a car that had been trailing his. The gunmen’s car suddenly sped up and shots were fired at the driver’s side of the imam’s vehicle. Rogo Mohammed died instantly while his wife, fat ...

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South Africa mining massacre denounced worldwide

Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from GIN Disturbing images of gun-toting police firing point blank at striking miners shocked South Africans and others around the world. Thirty four workers fell dead in the melee — the worst case of post-apartheid state-sponsored violence since 1994. The Marikana massacre, named after the U.K.-based Lonmin platinum mining complex, was denounced by labor leaders includi ...

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Darfur’s refugees forgotten

African Globe Ten years after fleeing genocide in the Sudanese region of Darfur, Abdulla Juma Abubakr has no intention of returning home. After leaving the West Darfur town of El-Geneina in 2002, he first spent two years in a border camp inside Sudan, before moving on to Djabal, a refugee camp in eastern Chad’s Goz-Beida region. “From what I saw when we left, the way people were killed, mosques burnt … I ca ...

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Coming to America: African hip hop artists visit the U.S.

Discuss using hip hop as social, economic change agent By Zenobia Jeffries DETROIT — Hip hop artists from across the continent of Africa recently visited the United States, some for the first time. Five members of the Hip Hop and Civic Engagement project attended various meetings and discussions with local hip hop artists, visited the city’s historical sites, local radio stations and recording studios Aug. ...

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Breakthrough for women in Senegal’s National Assembly

By Souleymane Faye   IPS/GIN DAKAR —A record number of women were sworn in as legislators as Senegal’s new parliament was inaugurated July 30. Sixty-four women now have seats in this West African country’s 150-member National Assembly, thanks to a law on gender parity. But the breakthrough made by women candidates has relaunched a debate on the quality of their work in the legislature. Elections to the Nati ...

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Drug trafficking explodes in ‘coup-prone’ Guinea Bissau

Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from GIN A massive drug trade in the West African coastal nation of Guinea Bissau is worrying world leaders at the United Nations. An international summit is being considered to see how democratic rule could be restored to the coup-prone nation. Military officers overthrew the last president, Raimundo Pereira, on April 12. About a quarter to two-thirds of the cocaine fro ...

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