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Nigerian government fails our missing girls, our country

Results of a search on the activities of Boko Haram leaves a sickening feeling in my stomach. A deeper void settles in the pit of my stomach when searching for responses from the Nigerian government regarding this latest tragedy. And the response? Dead silence. The silence makes it a little easier to understand the seeming apathy from Nigerians home and abroad. I called my sister, Temitope George, because I ...

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U.S. losing clout among entrenched African leaders

During his just concluded Africa tour, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was hitting a brick wall with African leaders who seemed unresponsive to his calls for free and fair elections, for new schools, hospitals, new roads and bridges, and for curbing rampant corruption in the region. In fact, Kerry had barely finished his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo when the local information minister issued ...

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The first word in May Day is ‘International’

As we unite to celebrate International Workers’ Day, we rightfully focus on how capitalism has devastated our beloved city of Detroit and the other majority African American cities here in Michigan. In the words of Cindy Sheehan, we are at the cutting edge here in the U.S. of the global financial crisis. It is we the people who are catching hell no matter which way we look — from the ragged roads beneath ou ...

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Somali mother of stowaway teen weeps to learn of his risky flight

The mother of the 14-year-old boy who risked death to stow away in the wheel well of a plane bound for Hawaii wept upon learning of his life-threatening adventure. Ubah Mohamed Abdullahi, who lives in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, says it was the first news she had heard about her lost son for six years. Divorced from his father, she has not been in contact with the family since they moved to the U.S. in 2008 ...

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South African who fought toxic waste dumping wins major ‘green’ prize

South African activist Desmond D’Sa has been awarded the 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize. D’Sa, a community leader and co-founder of the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance in 1996, campaigned against toxic waste dumping in South Durban, a poor but highly industrialized area, finally successfully obtaining the closure of the chemical dump. ...

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Nigeria holds up release of highly acclaimed film by popular novelist

A new film based on the highly-praised novel by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi has run into “regulatory issues” from Nigerian censors who have delayed its release. “Half of a Yellow Sun” was set to open in Nigerian cinemas last week. A spokesman for the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board denied that the film, which looks at the 1967-70 war on Biafra, was “officially banned” but was being “review ...

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Angola a playground for accused sex trafficker

An army general close to Angola’s President Jose Eduardo dos Santos has been red-listed on the Interpol wanted list by Brazilian police. He’s accused of trafficking women for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Bento dos Santos Kangamba, however, is not living in fear, but enjoying the good life among Angola’s newly-minted millionaires. There is no extradition treaty between Angola and Brazil, so the polit ...

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