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Cameroon soccer star killed by stones hurled in stadium

An investigation into Ebosse's death, and a deeper inquiry into soccer hooliganism in the country, has been ordered by the Algerian interior ministry. But the incident is believed to present evidence of growing racism among Algeria’s majority white population, according to online debates at media sites. ...

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Spread of Ebola traced to a 2-year old

With close to 2,000 cases including over 1,000 deaths, Ebola is out of control, according to medical specialists. Doctors Without Borders called the outbreak “unprecedented” and the World Health Organization said thousands more health workers would be needed to fight it. ...

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Africa: Obama ignores African journalists at summit in U.S.

After a statement on the success of the summit, Obama took questions from a pre-selected list of journalists, of which only one was from Africa. White House press members dominated the question and answer session, focusing on local policy issues, such as immigration, and the crisis in the Middle East and Ukraine. The press core was given front row seats to the conference while African journalists scrabbled ...

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