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Reparations committee meets lawyers

Indicating they are serious about being paid by European countries for the horrors of the slave trade, a committee appointed by Caribbean governments to take legal action against former slave trading nations met with its international legal team in Jamaica, as this story went to press the week of Dec. 16, to advance the plan to make Europe pay for the enslavement of Black people. ...

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Nelson Mandela: More than a leader, he’s a legend

The world has lost one of the most recognizable and transformational global leaders in history. Nelson Mandela, a world leader and icon, died on Dec. 5, 2013, at his home in the Johannesburg suburb of Houghton at the age of 95. Mandela died after a long battle with a lung infection that kept him in and out of the hospital for some time. ...

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African migrants protest Israeli detentions in long march

In a dramatic protest against their detention, some 200 African migrants crossed 60 miles by foot over two days in winter weather to rally at the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem. The marchers, many of them asylum seekers from Darfur, Sudan, carried signs that read, “I didn’t choose to be a refugee,” “We are in danger, not dangerous” and “You were strangers in the land of Egypt.” ...

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Nigerian president feels heat from critics

New evidence of massive corruption has tainted Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, formerly unscathed by scandal. Nigerians were almost numb to the frequent discoveries of missing money, land grabs and graft. But, reports of troves of cash quietly shifted out of the country have sparked a frenzy of exposes in the once compliant press. ...

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President Obama’s remarks at memorial service for Nelson Mandela

To Graça Machel and the Mandela family; to President Zuma and members of the government; to heads of states and government, past and present; distinguished guests, it is a singular honor to be with you today, to celebrate a life like no other. To the people of South Africa — people of every race and walk of life — the world thanks you for sharing Nelson Mandela with us. His struggle was your struggle. His t ...

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Maya Angelou pens Mandela tribute: ‘His Day is Done’

A video tribute to Nelson Mandela by poetess Maya Angelou is being distributed widely over the Internet. The American novelist, in an interview with CBS New York, described meeting Mandela in the 1960s. Mandela and Angelou’s husband were members of rival liberation movements when Mandela came to Egypt, where Angelou was living. ...

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French-African teen wins beauty pageant, igniting national uproar

A radiant French teenager whose mother hails from Benin was crowned Miss France on live TV, thrilling those who acknowledge the diverse population of the European nation. “I am very proud to represent a cosmopolitan France,” said Flora Coquerel. “It shows that today’s France is a mixed France, where there is every culture, and I think a lot of people will see themselves in me.” ...

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