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Officials must seek Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection

Detroit civic organization, Citizens For Detroit’s Future (CFDF), headed by Detroit accountant Tom Barrow, delivered letters to Detroit’s elected leaders Jan. 8, calling on them to accept that the railroad is running towards the city and is controlled by conservative interests seeking to take the city’s coveted resources and assets. ...

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Republicans are only interested in solving problems we don’t have

If you think the billionaires aren’t rich enough, women have too much control of their bodies and workers get paid too much, this GOP is for you. As the 112th Congress prepares to go down as the least productive in modern history, we in Michigan can remind you that the only thing worse than a Republican legislature that won’t pass laws is one that will. ...

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Gun violence in America

A movie theater in Aurora, Colo. A Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. A shopping mall in Oregon. A political event in Tucson, Ariz. The weekend streets of big cities like Chicago. And now a first grade class in Newtown, Conn. When will the madness stop? When will we take “meaningful action” to end gun violence in America? These are just the latest high-profile mass shootings that have taken the lives of too many inn ...

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Policy makers fail the people

Lack of accountability, transparency and little respect for democracy has won the day in Michigan. Right-to-Work for Less was signed into Michigan law. The Detroit City Council approved the Miller Canfield contract and Detroit gave more than 140 acres to a developer without a plan. Right-to-Work for Less won’t just weaken unions in the state of Michigan. Michiganders will, over time, work for less and the v ...

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Help Obama, help yourself

The so-called fiscal cliff is getting a lot of attention. If Congress does nothing come January, the consequences are many: income tax rates rise nearly 5 percent; millions more will pay the alternative minimum tax; social security will take another 2 percent from paychecks; it will take longer to collect unemployment benefits; pay to Medicare doctors will be cut by a third; $55 billion annually comes out o ...

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The people’s news for 35 years

From the first issue, the Michigan Citizen has covered the social ills and systemic challenges of local government in the city of Benton Harbor. Charles and Teresa Kelly began the paper on their dining room table and funded it with proceeds from a bar they owned called the Brooklyn. Charles Kelly joined the ancestors in 2006. ...

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Judicial Elections, Unhinged

This year’s round of state judicial elections broke previous records for the amounts spent on judicial campaigns around the country. The dominant role played by special-interest money — including money from super PACs financed by undisclosed donors — has severely weakened the principle of fair and impartial courts. ...

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President Obama, it’s time for an urban agenda

A new study shows that families who benefit from federally assisted housing programs live near low-performing schools. Many poor, Black families are far — in proximity and otherwise — from opportunity. Millions of families live in traditional public housing, Section 8 subsidized apartments or benefit from the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. And if they receive any of these benefits, they are likely to be loc ...

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Detroit smarts

Pundits put down citizens of Detroit all of the time. Truth be told, pundits should watch Detroit and stop listening to each other. First, if there is so much illiteracy here, why were the ballot results within the city in such sharp contrast to the statewide vote? Where “no” votes triumphed in the hinterlands on every issue but Proposal 1, Detroiters thoughtfully maneuvered their way through 18 ballot prop ...

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