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‘Right-wing gangster move’

At a public forum hosted April 10 by the NAACP, Deputy Mayor Kirk Lewis indicated city services would improve under the approved Consent Agreement (CA). Lewis and supporters of the CA say residents should expect transportation and lighting, among other city services, to improve. Impossible promises for an administration that announced just two days later massive cuts to the already reduced city budget. The ...

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Consent Agreement is a shameful betrayal of citizens

By Sen. Bert Johnson As legislators, sometimes one option is bad, but another is worse. Sometimes circumstances dictate our decisions rather than our own feelings or intuition. As I made clear to the Detroit City Council before their vote to approve Gov. Rick Snyder’s consent agreement, this was not one of those instances. Not only was approving the agreement unnecessary, it was a total abdication of respon ...

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Get off your knees!

Council is letting itself be bullied into signing a “consent agreement” when they don’t have to. Not only are they forfeiting their responsibility to govern, but they are tying the hands of all elected officials for the next five years. Doing Gov. Rick Snyder’s bidding rather than the will of those who elected them, it seems five weak council persons — ignorant of the civil rights history that put them wher ...

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“All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.” — Martin Luther King Jr. Cities across Michigan are marked by population loss and tax base destruction. Schools are suffering, blight is spreading and the people are under attack. Republicans, and some Democrats, are trampling democracy and busting unions under the guise of fiscal management, undermining self-determination for the state’s African ...

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The cuckoo nest

The U.S. government will go to war in the name of democracy — Libya, Vietnam, Iraq. But protecting democracy at home does not seem as crucial. Massive U.S. forces are going to support this international fight. As the U.S. Treasury is drained for bombs, drones and bullets, less and less is available for housing, job creation, education or quality of life at home, creating financial crises that threaten democ ...

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No consent agreement!

Detroit must not sign the consent agreement offered by Gov. Rick Snyder and State Treasurer Andy Dillon. They must not agree to the current version or any subsequent or revised version. A consent agreement is not in the city’s best interests. First, the consent agreement is seen as a favored alternative to appointment of an emergency manager. The public has rallied against the offensive and repressive Emerg ...

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People’s victory

As this issue went to press, Mayor Dave Bing was preparing to deliver his third annual state of the city address. Earlier in the day, an announcement came that Gov. Snyder and Bing had agreed an emergency manager was not going to provide the ticket out of the city’s financial mess and that the two had a plan. To be announced. Perhaps they were responding to two events. Last week, on Feb. 29, over 300 person ...

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Community love

“A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.” — Martin Luther King, Jr. Mayor Dave Bing and Gov. Rick Snyder are shameless. With the recent rise in youth violence and the tragic deaths of children, the governor says it is a police problem and the mayor claims we need to raise children better. As public officials in control of p ...

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