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Dr. King’s March was for jobs and freedom

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the famous March on Washington, Americans will recall Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “dream;” many can recite entire passages of his historic address. But it’s worth recalling the full meaning of that dream. The March on Washington was a march for justice. And the Civil Rights Movement transformed the country — gaining equal access to public accommodations, outlaw ...

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Street fight

Without a doubt, the race for mayor of Detroit is about to get real. When Mike Duggan won — and not just won a write-in campaign but also came in first — many in Detroit were stunned. Duggan clearly outspent the competition. The city council incumbents — who opened the door for the Snyder administration — were reelected. Any person with a family name or who has held office previously coasted to victory. Ove ...

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Stand up, fight back. Vote Aug. 6

If you saw the only televised debate of the campaign season after the bankruptcy filing, it is evident we are living in a divided Detroit — one perhaps more divided than recent years. For the small but vocal and powerful minority — who often control media, messages and priorities coming out of the city — it had to be a shocker. The neatly controlled narrative, telling the story of Detroit’s revitalization, ...

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A city is not a factory

The U.S. bankruptcy judge ruled that EM Kevyn Orr has the authority to act in the place of local government in a Detroit bankruptcy case. The judge has yet to decide if Detroit is eligible to file. This was Gov. Snyder’s plan all long — to take the city through bankruptcy. According to e-mails released this week, the plan for an emergency manager-led bankruptcy began in the governor’s office — confirming cr ...

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Zimmerman trial exposes racial injustice

If you didn’t know, now you know, we are not a post-racial United States. In fact, all this post-racial, Black president foolery has lulled much of America, including Black folks, to believe race doesn’t matter anymore. For many younger people, tired of older people’s so-called divisive racial rhetoric, who believed they had finally overcome, or at least didn’t have to “talk about it anymore,” were quickly ...

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Turnaround, what?

Last week we saw the spirit and intent behind the Detroit City Charter. In 2009, the charter process was an important one to city residents. Sick of an unresponsive council, a mayor who wasn’t from the city and the Kilpatrick administration, Detroiters voted to revise the city’s charter. ...

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Orr talks Popeyes and public debt

If a resident or this newspaper wants to talk with Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, it appears we should try to intercept him at Popeyes chicken. It seems to be one of the few formats providing true access to the EM. At EM Orr’s legally mandated community meeting, Orr said he heard from some residents at the fast food chain about the concerns, hopes and realities of living in the city. ...

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Past time for building Black wealth

If you think about the problems that plague Detroit — inequity, school closings, poverty, unemployment, emergency management, violence and predatory lending — these are conditions that increasingly define the lives of too many Black Americans. As the wealth gap grows for all Americans, African Americans are particularly hard hit. From Chicago to Philadelphia, lack of Black wealth and opportunity is a persis ...

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