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Connecting struggles

Within the last 10 years, Detroit has closed 130 schools. New York City closed 117 schools. Just this month, Chicago announced the closing of 52 more schools. On the same day Detroit protesters gathered at Coleman A. Young Municipal Center to voice opposition to the newly-appointed emergency manager (EM), protestors in Philadelphia gathered in protest to the closing of 26 more public schools and the mayor’s ...

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We’ve only just begun

Mayor Coleman A. Young’s portrait was moved this week from Cobo Hall to Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, as if there was some attempt to honor the legacy of the city’s first Black and longest-serving mayor’s legacy. The move coincided with the first week of Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) Kevin Orr who, along with representatives from the Snyder administration, settled into work on the 11th Floor of the ...

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We don’t have to yell

When Gov. Rick Snyder announced the confirmation of a financial emergency and the imminent appointment of a emergency financial manager (EFM), he said he wouldn’t deal with those who oppose his position by yelling. It must be nice not to have to yell to be heard. Republican policy makers certainly don’t have to. ...

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