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The significance of the Black Church in American history

The Black Church and the Black Movement in America have always been bound by an unambiguous umbilical cord. Denmark Vesey, an African who was enslaved in South Carolina, was a co-founder of a branch of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1817. He later planned a rebellion in the United States in 1822. Richard Allen, an abolitionist, business owner and activist, founded the African Methodist Episcopal ...

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Popular preacher endures criticism for risqué reality show

The raspy voice of Bishop Noel Jones cracked with emotion. “If my tone has changed, it’s because there’s still something in my heart,” explained the tall Jamaican preacher, relaxing on his personal houseboat docked behind a Los Angeles Ritz Carlton. “It’s real complicated and most of it was me — my inability to make the quantum leap from where I am to where marriage will take me. And I think I am going to a ...

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Spirit Fest 2014

The 2014 Spiritual Festival, Jan. 23-25, was an annual three-day event hosted by the United Voices of Detroit Choir at Bushnell Congregational Church on the city’s west side. Choirs performed Negro spirituals in the divisions of high school, college and adult. They competed against one another in front of judges on how well they interpreted the meaning of the music. ...

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Kwanzaa celebrates culture not commerce

Millions of people across the African Diaspora celebrate Kwanzaa, a Pan-African holiday created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, each year from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1. People of all faiths can enjoy the holiday, which focuses on family, community and culture. Since the festive practice emphasizes values, each day of the celebration highlights one of Kwanzaa’s Nguzo Saba (Swahili for “seven principles”): Umoja (un ...

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Day of service lends ‘Hands4Detroit’

United Methodist District Supervisor Rev. Melanie Carey had a vision of metro Detroit being less divided by imaginary lines. So, she began planning a service event she hoped would spill over into the everyday lives of both the volunteers and those they served. What began as a simple food drive grew into much more when approximately 1,200 volunteers spent time at 20 different sites across the city distributi ...

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Church gets into the coffee business

Grace United Church of Christ has entered the coffee business as Higher Grounds Ministries runs The Higher Grounds Coffee Cafe in a three-story, newly renovated building on the corner of Nottingham and Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Park Rev. Marica Fairrow is the pastor of the small congregation who, on Sundays, hold worship service right in the middle of the cafe. She has been pastoring this ministry for al ...

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Harvard Theologian: White Pastors failing to speak against racism

By Hazel Trice Edney NNPA Editor-in-chief WASHINGTON (NNPA) — Harvard University divinity professor, the Rev. Harvey G. Cox Jr., recalls marching for civil rights with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and even being arrested for the cause. “There were an enormous number of white pastoral participants. There were nuns. There were priests. There were rabbis. There were a lot of people involved at that time,” recall ...

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