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Restoring the grandeur to an historic neighborhood

By Heidi Ausgood The Michigan Citizen An historic Detroit neighborhood is in the midst of a great revitalization. Woodbridge Estates bounded by Canfield on the North and Lodge on the East, and Martin Luther King South is now offering single family homes and townhouses to what the group calls low to moderate income residents, ranging from $250,000 to $330,000.00. Gloriane Hymon, a Mortgage Loan Officer with ...

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Be prepared

Myra Honeycutt is homeless in Detroit. Although new housing keeps going up in the city, for Honeycutt getting a home seems an insurmountable obstacle. Even finding a shelter in the city is difficult, she says. “Men have more shelter than women in the city, but there are not enough shelters for women in the city of Detroit.” She said she became homeless when, as she aged, her companion left her, saying she w ...

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The Panther Walk

By Steven Malik Shelton Specail to The Michigan Citizen While driving west along Davison on Detroit’s west side, I notice the supermarket that I and other Panthers used as a source of food and monetary contributions for the Free Breakfast for Children Program. I pull the car into the lot, park it and walk south toward Indiandale street. It is late afternoon and sunny, but the ghetto streets and dilapidated ...

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Youthville Detroit to open in July

By Nellie Jefferies Slater Special to The Michigan Citizen At a town hall meeting at the New Center One Atrium April 16, Dr. Gerald K. Smith announced that YouthVille Detroit, a Detroit Youth Foundation, will open in July 2005. The facility will serve 11- to 19-year-old youth who will learn new skills, enhance life skills and develop positive peer and adult relationships in a safe environment. “This is a fa ...

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Former addicts, ex-felons help others escape addiction

By Steven Malik Shelton Special to The Michigan Citizen On Linwood Avenue, starting at West Grand Boulevard and going north, one encounters a panorama of urban life. And although there is the occasional small business among the liquor stores, empty lots, and greasy spoon restaurants, Linwood Avenue retains only a shadow of its past glory when it thrived with Black businesses, cultural amenities, dance halls ...

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Reflections on an ex-homeless man

By Steven Malik Shelton Special to The Michigan Citizen His name was James Thomas, but few ever called him that. He was known by friend and foe by the diminutive nickname Pee Wee. Contrary to the impression his name gives, he was a big man — around 6 ft. three, weighing about 230 pounds. There was nothing tiny or retiring about his personality either. It was bigger than life. I first met him many years ago, ...

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