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Eminem single ‘Detroit vs. Everybody’ falls short for local business

The song is currently charting around the world on account of Eminem’s global fame. He is one of few artists in the world whose individual songs can generate more revenue in a year than an average small business. But, missing from the Detroit anthem was a Detroit producer — a squandered opportunity of big revenue for the local arts. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle, J.D.

Sixty percent of Detroit’s children living in poverty is just a number with no human face, we have track to lay for a train to nowhere, and children in poverty can wait. Besides, there is no media sexiness to hunger, schools that don’t work for the poor, and FBI crime data that contradicts Hollywood Craig — who needs it during the holidays? ...

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Wayne State University Farmers’ Market closes seventh season

Kami Pothukuchi, Ph.D. Special to The Michigan Citizen On Oct. 29, a typically chilly fall day, the Wayne State University Farmers Market had our season’s last market, 22 weeks after its June start. Friends from the university, nearby institutions and the neighborhood, stopped by to savor the market’s offerings one last time, and bid au revoir to their favorite vendors. Among the sentiments shared by custom ...

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