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Detroit community object to 43 students in a classroom

This fall, back to school for Detroit Public School students means more school closings and 43 students per classroom. Teachers expect a 10 percent pay cut among other reductions, according to the district’s new deficit elimination plan and budget proposal, which was approved by the state Aug. 20. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

After you have been on the planet 67 years plus 11 months, you figure out a few things. Tomorrow may never arrive. Tragically there will be plenty of other trips to make for the cause because white privilege has a way of whacking us at will year in and year out. Only the names of the victims and travel times change. ...

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Ferguson shooting called America’s ‘tipping point’ amid demands for officer’s arrest

But, the mass unrest in Ferguson — a predominately Black suburb under largely white political rule — has become what some believe is a “tipping point” that will ultimate lead to change in police-community relationships around the country. ...

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