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Banks cash in on EFM takeover

Cha-ching! is the sound of banks registering the new revenue coming their way the very moment Gov. Rick Snyder put Detroit under an emergency financial manager (EFM). “Who knows what the city has paid? The same stick-up men that went through the neighborhoods (with the foreclosure crisis) are now at city hall,” said Jerry Goldberg, attorney for Moratorium Now. ...

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Detroit hip hop artists speak out on EFM

The city’s hip hop community is protesting Detroit’s new status under emergency management in its own unique way. Will Copeland, a community activist and emcee who performs under the name Will See, has recently released a song with a heated message to mobilize citizens against the state’s takeover of Detroit through an emergency manager. The song “Emergency” is a powerful example of hip hop as a tool of res ...

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Hip hop shines a positive light on Detroit via music videos

With all of the troubles facing the city of Detroit, the mainstream media has been working overtime to drag the public image of a proud city through the dirt. Now more than ever, the city must reclaim ownership of how the Motor City is seen to the rest of the world, and among the leaders of this movement are independent hip hop artists creating music videos in the city. ...

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Mayor Dave Bing’s incompetence makes a case for his removal from office. He has betrayed city residents and acted against their best intersts. His decision to cede his responsibilities and accept Gov. Rick Snyder’s appointment of an emergency financial manager; his refusal to join Council in fighting the state takeover and his decision to work with the governor sparked several acts of civil disobedience thr ...

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Corruption is not dead

Kwame Kilpatrick and Bobby Ferguson were convicted this week. The region responded with an OJ-like verdict division. Some reacted with pure glee. Banners were flown reading, “Don’t drop the soap.” One news anchor, who the day before was piss-drunk and getting punched in the head at the St. Patrick’s Day parade, was asking the “important questions” — and this was just the media. By day’s end, the Feds and th ...

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