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More than just a haircut

GNC barbershop opened nearly 50 years ago in 1964 on Arcadia and Grandriver. The shop then relocated further down Grandriver on Vickberg during the ‘80s. Grady Johnson opened the doors of his shop with good intentions to not only cut hair but to influence a neighborhood. “My father took care of people, it’s an inspirational thing,” said Robert Long, mostly known as Little Grady. ...

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Everybody’s talking about ‘Django’

Imagine being freed, or unchained, from slavery. Learning to be a fearsome gunslinger, getting some cash and going to find and free your true love, along the way blowing up, whipping and beating all of those who have enslaved you and separated you from your wife. This is the basic storyline of Quentin Tarantino’s new revenge flick, “Django Unchained.” ...

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Though Detroiters said no, and despite a plan hammered out by a coalition of the city’s unions that would have saved $120 million in the budget, Council members Ken Cockrel, Jr. and James Tate, along with Council President Charles Pugh, worked behind closed doors with state officials and State Treasurer Andy Dillon on a consent agreement that cost the city additional millions of dollars, limited the power o ...

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Visionary leadership

The principles of Kwanzaa require that we pledge to solve problems together for the good of community (Ujima), recommit ourselves to supporting and building our own shops, stores and businesses (Ujamaa) and rededicate ourselves to preserving and appreciating our heritage and passing that same dedication to future generations (Nia). ...

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Letters from Wilmington Ten

His name was Allen Hall. In 1972, Hall was the star witness for the prosecution in the conspiracy trials against the Wilmington Ten — 10 civil rights activists, led by the Rev. Benjamin F. Chavis — falsely accused of firebombing a white-owned grocery store during the height of racial violence in Wilmington in 1971. According to New Hanover County prosecutor Jay Stroud, Hall, a convicted felon, had the goods ...

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