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Detroiters Ernest Johnson, Minister Malik Shabazz of the Marcus Garvey Movement/New Black Panther Nation and Detroit School Board member Wanda Akilah Redmon pose with Mayor Mike Duggan (center) in his office following the formal ceremony for the city’s newly-elected officials held Jan. 7. ...

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Council chooses new leadership

Brenda Jones will serve as president of the Detroit City Council. In a 5-4 vote, Jan. 6, Jones beat out Saunteel Jenkins who briefly served as president during the previous session. The three-time council member cast a vote for herself, along with newcomers George Cushingberry, who will serve as pro tem, Mary Sheffield, Scott Benson and Gabe Leland. The new council, which includes former members Andre Spive ...

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5 ELA re-releases ‘YesterYears,’ a Detroit hip hop classic

Over the holiday season, Detroit’s own 5 ELA re-released the classic 5 Elementz “YesterYears” EP on their group’s website. “YesterYears” is a five-song record from 1994 that helped define the sound of Motown hip hop during the 90s. After many years and different evolutions of the group, 5 ELA continues to release new music with a progressive Detroit sound, but the re-emergence of this classic EP makes for a ...

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Remembering Coleman Young 40 years later

On January 1, Mike Duggan was sworn in as the white mayor of the predominately Black Detroit in four decades. Forty years ago, in January 1974, Coleman Alexander Young, made history when he was sworn in as Detroit’s first Black mayor. Young is praised by many for giving African Americans opportunities where none existed under white political control. He’s often criticized for contributing to an already raci ...

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Heidelberg-ology is the spirit of Detroit

Fire, violence and loss are a major part of Detroit’s painful story — and have become a tragic part of our saga. As we know too well, 50 years of appalling neglect in our city cannot be quickly halted or neatly undone. The human cost of long term neglect is seen and felt all around us. Massive gaps in city services make these bad situations worse. In such a dismal reality, what can anguished, angry citizens ...

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Detroit artists share lessons learned from 2013

“My biggest takeaway (of 2013) is to see challenges as opportunities,” Insite the Riot, a Detroit hip hop emcee, activist and motivator told the Michigan Citizen. “Like for real, I had a lot of roadblocks this year and within the year my perspective is kind of skewed, but I was able to recognize those challenges as opportunities for me to try new things and learn some things about myself.” ...

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52 percent of Michiganders and over 80 percent of Detroiters voted in Nov. 2012 to repeal Public Act 4, the state’s emergency manager law. Gov. Rick Snyder appointed bankruptcy attorney Keyvn Orr as Detroit’s emergency manager under the new repeal-proof EM law Public Act 436 on March 14, 2013. ...

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Author Eddie Connor ‘Unwraps’ new book

Eddie Connor is the author of several books including “E.CON the ICON,” “Purposefully Prepared to Persevere,” and “Collections of Reflections.” Connor’s newest work, “Unwrap the Gift in YOU!” debuts this holiday season. In the book, Connor delivers straight talk with steps to unlock potential, tips to activate gifts within, and to maintain health, hope and happiness during the holidays. ...

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Celebrate the holidays with Detroit artists

This time of year reminds us of the goodness in others. In many ways, this season unearths our humanity, by chipping away with acts of kindness the stone walls we build around ourselves. There are certain people, however, with creative gifts who do this all year long. The Michigan Citizen has reported on these people — artists, singers, rappers, authors, poets, etc. throughout the years. ...

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