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Black farmers and urban gardeners

The Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference was presented by Black Urban Growers, an organization of volunteers committed to building networks and community support for growers in both urban and rural settings. Through education and advocacy around food and farm issues, they nurture collective Black leadership to ensure they have a seat at the table. ...

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Wayne State University Farmers’ Market closes seventh season

Kami Pothukuchi, Ph.D. Special to The Michigan Citizen On Oct. 29, a typically chilly fall day, the Wayne State University Farmers Market had our season’s last market, 22 weeks after its June start. Friends from the university, nearby institutions and the neighborhood, stopped by to savor the market’s offerings one last time, and bid au revoir to their favorite vendors. Among the sentiments shared by custom ...

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A time for change at the Detroit Food Policy Council

Engaging a diverse, representative group of Detroiters in all aspects of our food system by equipping residents with a strong conceptual framework of knowledge in advocacy and policy related to food security, food justice and food sovereignty will actively support the development of a healthy, just and sustainable local food system. ...

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Black farmers and urban growers promote power and sovereignty at Detroit conference

By Kibibi Blount-Dorn Special to The Michigan Citizen In the tiny town of Covert, near the eastern banks of Lake Michigan, Barbara Norman farms 53 acres of blueberries on land her family has owned and cultivated for six generations. As African American farmers, Norman’s family has a strong sense of identity — one deeply rooted in the land they have farmed since the 1930s. She remembers her grandfather’s fav ...

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The reality of climate change

...(A) true climate change plan involves much more than having a battery-powered radio or an alternate power source for charging electronic devices. It requires serious action by governments, industries and individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the past year has made clear that, in the meantime, we should all do what we can to make our own homes resilient to climate change. ...

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