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Black farmers and urban growers promote power and sovereignty at Detroit conference

By Kibibi Blount-Dorn Special to The Michigan Citizen In the tiny town of Covert, near the eastern banks of Lake Michigan, Barbara Norman farms 53 acres of blueberries on land her family has owned and cultivated for six generations. As African American farmers, Norman’s family has a strong sense of identity — one deeply rooted in the land they have farmed since the 1930s. She remembers her grandfather’s fav ...

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The reality of climate change

...(A) true climate change plan involves much more than having a battery-powered radio or an alternate power source for charging electronic devices. It requires serious action by governments, industries and individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the past year has made clear that, in the meantime, we should all do what we can to make our own homes resilient to climate change. ...

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Detroit Land Forum workshop set

This six-series workshop is designed to provide specific resources, support, and hands-on process assistance to anyone who is interested in purchasing property in Detroit, even and especially those who have experienced frustration with the process before. ...

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Registration is open for New Work New Culture Conference

By Tawana Petty Special to the Michigan Citizen Registration for the New Work New Culture Conference is available at The October event in Detroit will convene thinkers and doers from all over the world who are building an earth-friendly economy for all. From Oct. 18- 20, several hundred activists, organizers, theorists, farmers, culture creators, builders, inventors and entrepreneur ...

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‘What time is it on the clock of the world?’

Living for Change By Grace Lee Boggs Special to the Michigan Citizen  At almost 100 years old, I experience falls, new levels of pain and difficulties moving. I also feel the need to reflect on that which has sustained me over these years. In particular, I want to emphasize the importance of philosophy in my life.  When I started college I had no idea what I was going to study.  Japan had just invaded Manch ...

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Teaching responsibility

In the booklet, “Responsibility, Foundations of Democracy,” the Center for Civic Education lists six sources of responsibility: Promises, assignments, occupation, rules and laws, customs, and civic principles. I don’t disagree with this list. But in my 25 years as a physical education teacher in the Detroit Public Schools, I discovered much simple ways of teaching responsibility, ways that are also availabl ...

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