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Different values

Last week, more than100 people gathered at the Church of the Messiah for the March for Peace. It was a spirited gathering, as people walked through the east side neighborhood chanting, “Peace now” and “Silence the violence.” Neighbors stood on porches and clapped along with the drumbeats. High school students danced in the street. Decorated bikes, motorcycles, horses, babies in carriages and elders assisted ...

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Support DBCFSN Co-op Grocery Store

By Malik Yakini Special to the Michigan Citizen Let me be clear. I am anti-capitalism. It is a system that is by nature exploitive and unsustainable. The answers to many of the social problems we face lie in capitalism giving way to a more equitable system of distributing resources that upholds the dignity of all human beings and respects nature. In the meantime, we are faced with the dilemma of how to deve ...

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‘American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs’

“Singling out the most intriguing of her numerous namesakes from 2005’s “The Grace Lee Project,” Korean-American documaker Grace Lee pays tribute to a remarkable social activist in “American Revolutionary.” Known for her landmark work on behalf of Black communities during the civil-rights era, as well as her FBI-rattling rise within the Black Power movement, 97-year-old Detroit fixture Grace Lee Boggs doesn ...

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Learning from Italy

Years ago, food critic Ruth Reichl declared, “There is no bad food in Italy.” She was right. Within Italy, the Emilia Romagna region is thought by many to offer the best food of all. But that is by no means its only distinction. What I did not appreciate until a recent trip to Bologna is that major components of the entire economy are organized as co-ops. ...

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A season of growing in Detroit

It is growing season in Detroit. The seeds have been planted and are being carefully tended. The urban growers will harvest and go to market with fresh produce and eat from its bounty. The flower seeds that have been planted will reach for the sky as they beautify the landscape while attracting honey bees, children and butterflies. Many urban gardeners and farmers are celebrating the legality of urban farmi ...

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‘Beware of the Dandelions’

Several years ago, Grace Lee Boggs gave a speech highlighting the innovative small-scale models of social justice and community building that are emerging in Detroit and other communities. “These efforts,” she said, “are on a small scale. But as Margaret Wheatley points out in ‘Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World:’ ...

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