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Cooperation for food security in Detroit

The urban agriculture initiative happening in Detroit is being embraced more and more by people who desire to take responsibility in improving their community. There is an apparent need for quality foods in Detroit and many nutrient-rich fresh produce are locally grown and becoming more readily available. There are many cooperative efforts taking place in our communities that are directly linked to urban ag ...

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Restoring our souls

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr was compelled by law to hold a public meeting to discuss his report on the financial condition of Detroit. It turns out the emergency version of a public meeting is not much. It means finding a small space, get as many of your hired friends in (by the back door) as you can, set up metal detectors, limit the access to a few dozen people and give only some of them one minut ...

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A time for resistance:  Detroit 2013 June 23-30

Detroit 2013 will be a gathering of movement activists from all over the country to broaden and strengthen the resistance that the American people are mounting to the abuses and assaults we are suffering from corporate and political elites. Across the country, extreme right-wing forces are systematically attacking our most basic values and most cherished rights and responsibilities. They are turning everyth ...

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Reducing violence in our neighborhoods

For the past four years, Forbes magazine has ranked Detroit as the most violent city in the nation. Some may argue this is because we are a city with very little financial capital. Others may blame the abundance of guns on the street. Although there is truth in both of these statements, I believe, as my colleague Henry McClendon likes to say, “The problem is not that we have a violence problem in Detroit. I ...

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EMEAC co-director awarded University of Michigan Visiting Social Activist Fellowship

East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC) co-director Diana Copeland is the recipient of the University of Michigan’s Visiting Social Activist Fellowship. Awarded each year by the University of Michigan’s Center for the Education of Women (CEW), the fellowship work focuses on building the capacity and effectiveness of social activists working on issues important to women. ...

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