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Emergency food and the new normal

Emergency food from pantries, soup kitchens and other social service agencies not only provides immediate relief from hunger, but also offers hope and capacity for people to get through difficult times. It’s clear, however, that the need for emergency food aid is growing and that even as Michigan’s economy shows signs of improving, our community is facing a “new normal,” with lower incomes and a reduced sta ...

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Media as environmental education

This is the first in a series of columns on the 16th Environmental Justice principle, which states: Environmental Justice calls for the education of present and future generations which emphasizes social and environmental issues, based on our experience and an appreciation of our diverse cultural perspectives. ...

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Learning journey in Detroit

From Oct. 25-29, I had the honor and pleasure of conducting “A Learning Journey” with visitors from around the country and the world. The journey was initiated and joined by Meg Wheatley, author of the best-selling “Leadership and Modern Science” and the recently released “So Far From Home,” a book dedicated to “warriors for the human spirit in today’s life-destroying world.” ...

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Questions worth pursuing

Last week, Rich Feldman and other Boggs Center board members led 25 visitors from many different countries and U.S. cities on a “Learning Journey” to give them a sense of how work, food Production, Education, Community, are being re-imagined and redefined from the ground up in devastated, deindustrialized Detroit. The journey was initiated and included best-selling author Meg Wheatley who recently released ...

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Leadership and collective impact

I was asked recently about the Detroit Food Policy Council’s progress on improving food access, food justice and food sovereignty for Detroiters and whether we are making an impact. I was also asked about our efforts to ensure Detroiters are leading and participating in this work. These are great questions and ones that we as a group are concerned about and discuss on a regular basis. ...

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DETROIT: Place and space to begin anew

By Grace Lee Boggs Special to the Michigan Citizen On Oct. 13, I spoke at the 2012 biennial gathering of Kellogg Fellows meeting at the Detroit Westin. This year’s theme was “Resilience, Transformation, Transcendence.” Also on the program was Dr. Regina Benjamin, the U.S. surgeon general, who is a Kellogg Fellow. In my remarks, I described how drastically Detroit has changed since I moved to the city 60 yea ...

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