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Lot by lot, Detroiters are cultivating food sovereignty

Detroit and its residents are at crossroads regarding our city’s greatest resource: Land. Some view the large amount of underutilized land owned by the city of Detroit as a burden on the city and a hole in tax revenue stream. But there are many who see this land as an opportunity for the city to direct future development according to the needs of our residents, and keep land in the public trust that could h ...

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Ill-conceived Hantz Farms land deal should be dropped

After a couple of years of Hantz Farms’ President Mike Score proposing a meeting between myself and John Hantz and discussion on the terms of such a meeting, early this year, I agreed to meet with Mr. Hantz, if Kathryn Underwood were present. Kathryn is the City Council’s representative on the Detroit Food Policy Council and a planner with the City Planning Commission. She has led the urban ag workgroup tha ...

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