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Naming the enemy

A spectre is haunting the American people — the spectre of destruction by capitalism. In its limitless quest for profits, capitalism has defiled our human relationships by turning them into money relationships. It has transformed work from a precious human activity into jobs, which are done only for a paycheck and which have become increasingly meaningless and increasingly scarce as the profits from our lab ...

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Plans of adjustment

Plans to adjust Detroit are underway. Soon, the confidential bankruptcy plan, forged behind closed doors, will be made public. The adjustments to move through bankruptcy sought by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr should be carefully studied. Orr has repeatedly shown he does not value the people of the city. He would rather protect the profits of the banks. Now, we are depending on his belated efforts to hold ban ...

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Talking truth

Almost as soon as Gov. Rick Snyder asked for greater civility in politics, L. Brooks Patterson’s interview in the New Yorker was released. Under the title “Drop Dead, Detroit!” the article is filled with comments that even Patterson’s supporters find embarrassing. Detroit News editorial writer Nolan Finley had to acknowledge, “We all know how he talks. I think his mouth is his worst enemy.” Free Press edito ...

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Castaneda-Lopez, Sheffield hold meeting on community benefits for tax-funded arena project

On Dec. 20, the last day of their term, former City Council members approved the expansion of the Detroit Development Authority into the so-called ‘catalyst’ area around the proposed new hockey arena, but held off their vote on the transfer of land in a move that offered more time for engagement and outreach in the community. ...

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Alternative decisions

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes rejected the second effort by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to protect the banks at the expense of the people of Detroit. In a decision described as stunning, Judge Rhodes ruled the late-night deal to pay $165 million to Bank of America and UBS was “just too much money.” He also rejected the proposed $285 million loan to pay off these banks and provide $120 million for city ...

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How safe are our seeds?

This is the time of year when farmers and gardeners get cabin fever. We have been in the house and not out and about because of the inclement weather. The seed companies are starting to send out their catalogs for us to place our orders. This is a good time for the veteran gardener to reflect on what they grew last season: how was the yield, was it what they expected, and would you grow it again. Or maybe, ...

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Cops and robbers

Everyone who lives in Detroit knows crime is a problem. We are all scarred by it. In my very ordinary neighborhood, there have been four murders in the last two years. An elderly woman was beaten in her home. A father of six was shot for his cell phone while walking home from the store. A teenage boy was shot in a parking lot. An unknown man was found dead in the driveway of the day care center. These stori ...

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