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Higher standards for Detroit elections

Detroit is not so unique. While voter turnout in Detroit’s Nov. 5 municipal election was dismally low at 25.4 percent, we’re actually doing better than other major cities like Seattle, Pittsburgh and Atlanta. Each of these cities saw lower turnout than Detroit in their recent mayoral elections. We do, however, face other challenges. When Detroit emerges from state control, Mike Duggan will take the reins of ...

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On love and fear

The news that mattered most this week was not about bankruptcy, emergency management, secret meetings by foundations, city council land deals, or the new mayor-elect. It was the news of death. Newborns, toddlers, teens and adults were killed violently. Some were known, some unknown, one too soon in life to have a name. All were preventable. ...

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Revisiting the November 1963 Grassroots Leadership Conference

This week is the 50th anniversary of the Grassroots Leadership Conference (GRLC), which most people associate with Malcolm X’s speech at the closing rally. In his speech, Malcolm projected his own ideology for the Black revolution, which, he explained, is based on a struggle over land and on a class distinction between field Negroes and house Negroes, and is therefore very different from a Negro revolution. ...

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Focus on food — a foundation for a disease free health

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “foundation” as the basis on which a thing stands, is founded or is supported. The growth and development of human life is dependent on the soundness and quality of that which makes up its foundation. Let’s be clear, when it comes to human health, first foods feed the foundation for future health. This raises the question: What foundation is being laid for future gen ...

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Democracy in disarray

Election Day 2013 highlights the emptiness of what passes for democracy in Detroit. Neither candidate for mayor sparked much enthusiasm. Both shared similar priorities and each had their questionable practices and pasts. Even the prospect of replacing Black political leadership with a white man from the suburbs could not overcome the widespread feeling it really doesn’t matter who is mayor this time around. ...

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From Devil’s Night to Movement City and Bioneers

On Oct. 25, I participated in the Movement City symposium at the University of Michigan, and on Oct. 26, I was given an award at the opening session of the Ninth Annual Bioneers Conference at Marygrove College, which over the weekend offered dozens of workshops on Detroit’s rebuilding. At the Bioneers Conference, I learned Gloria Rivera, founder of Detroit Bioneers, Malik Yakini, director of Detroit Black C ...

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EMEAC to host Green Screen Youth Film Festival with Red Carpet extravaganza

East Michigan Environmental Action Council will host its Seventh Annual Green Screen Youth Environmental Film Festival on Nov. 9 from 3-6 p.m. The 2013 Green Screen will be held inside the D. Blair Theatre of the Cass Corridor Commons at 4605 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201. The afternoon’s theme is “mock-Oscar” party theme. Guests will have the opportunity to walk down a “green carpet” and be interviewed by ...

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DFPC engages candidates on food system issues

On Nov. 5, Detroiters will go to the polls to elect a new mayor as well as nine city council members. For the first time in more than 100 years, we will elect seven council members by district and two city-wide council members. In order to engage both Detroit residents and the candidates, the Detroit Food Policy Council asked all the candidates to answer six questions related to food and the food system in ...

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