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Eat better

The United States leads the world in the amount invested in health care. Nearly 20 percent of our economy is devoted to health care with the next closest — the Netherlands — coming in at about 12 percent. The return from this investment is remarkably poor. Our life expectancy as a nation continues to decline in comparison to other countries ranging anywhere from 31st to 55th on a variety of recently publish ...

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Asking questions

The Detroit City Council has finally taken a strong stand against the schemes of Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. It unanimously rejected Orr’s latest effort to protect Jones Day clients Bank of America and UBS by borrowing $350 million from Barclays Capital to pay off the termination fees on a disastrous swaps deal. ...

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‘Detroit, the Chiapas of North America’

Regarding Martin Luther King, Jr., Grace Lee Boggs talks of “catching up with Martin" and recapturing his "Radical Revolutionary Spirit." She says King realized after the Watts uprising in 1965 how little his struggle for measures like the Voting Rights Act was relevant to "the powerlessness and uselessness that is the daily experience of Black youth made expendable by technology." It was more than just ass ...

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Seventh Annual Green Screen accepting student, youth produced short films

Teachers, educators and organizers are invited to submit student and youth produced short films to the 7th Annual East Michigan Environmental Action Council’s youth environmental film festival, Green Screen. Entry deadline is Oct. 31, 2013. Green Screen provides a forum where students and youth from across southeast Michigan and beyond can showcase their short films with environmental themes. These films al ...

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Making Marxism from Gandhi in Detroit

The biggest internal debate absorbing the world left for at least the last 75 years has been whether identity is a left concept and therefore a left concern. In 1950, most activists on the left would have said no. Today, a majority would say yes, indeed. But the debate remains fierce. Grace Lee Boggs’ life has been both a prime example of evolution on this issue, and a prime exponent of the legitimacy of ma ...

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Our youth, our future

As we examine our food system, it is quite obvious it needs help. We are faced with large-scale issues that include a damaging diet, which consumes our people with diabetes, cancer and a host of other deadly and avoidable illnesses. We are bombarded by unscrupulous food producers with waves of false messages and product lines that are poor, at best. We are pumping our food dollars into a system where econom ...

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Ready 2 Grow program invites families to change their food-media diet

Have your child featured in a Ready 2 Grow healthy habit advertisement! Ready 2 Grow, a program of the East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC) is changing the corporate-dominated food media diet by making healthy, fresh, local media of our own for the wellbeing of our children and communities. We invite you and your child to be a part of this delicious movement. ...

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Water rights

While Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr announced speedy plans to create a regional authority to take over the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, global leaders were meeting in Budapest at the World Water Summit. The summit was called because of international concerns about the use of water as an instrument of power. These concerns have been framed by such far-thinking theorist as Vanda Shiva, whose 2002 book ...

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