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Global visit to Detroit

On Sept. 21, 18 participants from the Future Generations Graduate School in West Virginia arrived in Detroit for a learning journey sponsored by the Boggs Center. The school offers a global masters-graduate program dedicated to community and peace building. This two-year program combines online study with four-month long residency studies in Haiti, India , Kenya and the United States. The students came from ...

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Proposed cuts in food stamps will hurt Detroiters

Amid the recent wrangling over government closure, an important news item went almost unnoticed: on Sept. 19, House Republicans voted to cut $40 billion from food stamps, or the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), over 10 years. This cut, if allowed to stand, would force about 14 million people from the program during the same period. Earlier, the Senate had voted for a $4 billion cut over 1 ...

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Blight in our community

Blight is the new word of the day. As federal officials left town in the wake of promises to free up money for Detroit, images of burned out houses and falling down structures dominated discussions of our city. In the selective reporting of mainstream media, we are told Detroit has an unknown number of abandoned houses with estimates ranging between 78,000 and 91,000 homes. The impression is that each of th ...

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Homecoming at Highlander

Last weekend, I had the honor and pleasure of spending three days at the legendary Highlander Center, where, since 1932, the famous and the nameless have been meeting to define and redefine the American Revolution to mean NOT the seizure of state power, but loving America enough to change it into a beacon for social justice.. It was an awesome once in a lifetime experience: - Living in the house of founder ...

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Free the land

Detroit respects the urgency of serious interest in reforming and cultivating useful land. In lieu of holding to a standard market rate for prime land, it chose to give further incentive by selling land to a wealthy bidder for $.08 a square foot. At the time, this writer felt it a great injustice to the citizens of Detroit. As it was released, it has now set a precedent that serious interest with earnest pl ...

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Resisting the EM

As Rick Snyder campaigns for his second term, people are bombarded with images of the “can do” governor. One image we won’t see is Gov. Snyder meeting with the Detroit elected Board of Education. If the governor had his way, the elected board would pack up and get out of town. That is because the Detroit elected school board has been persistent in its resistance to the emergency manager and to the destructi ...

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Memory and democracy

Just as the mainstream media rushed to foster myths and misinformation to justify the state takeover of Detroit, it is rushing to rewrite current history. We are being told that all elected city government was incompetent and bureaucratic. Hantz Farms/Woodlands is the prime example used by the mainstream media to illustrate bureaucratic delay. In a recent article extolling the virtues of an emergency manage ...

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Detroiters begin resistance to the Emergency Manager

Last week, in this column, Attorney Alice Jennings wrote: “As I watched the 50th anniversary celebration of the 1963 March on Washington last week, I realized that the civil rights movement of the 1950-60s, which changed this country so profoundly, emerged out of resistance to the legislation and practices of the Jim Crow South; “And I envisioned an equally historic movement that can now be built out of res ...

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