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Moral authority

Detroit begins the new year with a new mayor and city council. For the first time in a century, this council is made up of people who represent seven districts in the city, along with two at-large members. This is the result of extensive citywide discussions establishing political process to reflect the needs of neighborhoods, rather than only the downtown core. ...

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52 percent of Michiganders and over 80 percent of Detroiters voted in Nov. 2012 to repeal Public Act 4, the state’s emergency manager law. Gov. Rick Snyder appointed bankruptcy attorney Keyvn Orr as Detroit’s emergency manager under the new repeal-proof EM law Public Act 436 on March 14, 2013. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

During 2013, I have enjoyed sharing mind snacks with you through the one media outlet that did not run from me — even attempted to have me write from federal lockdown but the warden was having none of that. Detroit Raw thanks the Michigan Citizen for serving as a vehicle to heighten the level of the debate in Detroit and throughout America. And for me it is great to be back on the streets of Detroit listeni ...

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Whose city?

Whose city? Our city! Whose streets? Our streets! Whose park? Our park! Whose art? Our art! Whose water? Our water! These are the chants punctuating the air outside of the federal court house in Detroit as Judge Steven Rhodes moves the slow process of bankruptcy forward. Sung in a call-and-response fashion, they cut to the heart of the issues facing us. ...

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Shawn Kolonich, a firearms expert for the Michigan State Police, testified Dec. 18 that the shot gun used by Theodore Wafer to shoot and kill Renisha McBride Nov. 1 did not fire by accident. Whether Wafer will face charges of second-degree murder, manslaughter — death by a weapon aimed with intent but without malice, and felony firearm in the death of McBride, 19, was the subject of a preliminary examinatio ...

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‘Follow the money’

Financial experts have come forth to aid the Detroit Board of Education in its battle to discover where public funds are being spent, all in the effort to oust the state-appointed emergency manager. Wayne County Circuit Judge Annette Berry ruled last month the elected board had a right to access the district’s financial software, PeopleSoft. Board members sued the emergency manager to access the financial d ...

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The exploitation of Black athletes

A description of Rice University’s stand-alone major in sports management describes the enormity of the sports business: “Experts conservatively estimate the sport industry at $500 billion a year making it one of the top 10 industries in the nation.” Touting its sports management program, George Washington University in the District of Columbia observes: “No single aspect of our culture receives as much med ...

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Sovereign cities

Cities hold a special place in the development of human beings. Their emergence is linked to the shift from hunting and gathering societies to the development of agriculture. As humans succeeded in agriculture, we were able to develop more permanent settlements and begin the process of specialization and the exchange of goods, services and ideas that gave rise to city life. ...

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Detroit Democrats say they are disenchanted with Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson after a meeting last week. Johnson was in Detroit outlining a strategy for next year’s gubernatorial race, seeking African American support. However, Johnson has not articulated a relevant platform or collaborated with local leadership, some say. ...

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