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Legal and right

The decision to pursue bankruptcy for the city of Detroit by Judge Steven Rhodes was not surprising. Almost everyone expected the judge to rule in favor of bankruptcy protection. What was surprising was the amount of time the judge took in delivering his decision and the effort he took to explain himself, especially on the key questions of did the city negotiate in good faith with its creditors; the numerou ...

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Gov. Rick Snyder’s determination to have Detroit under emergency management; Mayor Dave Bing’s years of deliberate inaction; a reduced tax base; and questionable financial deals with banks brought the city under Chapter 9 bankruptcy with Judge Steven Rhodes historic ruling Dec. 3 the city was eligible. ...

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EMU faculty fights EAA ties

In the cold, wet snowfall Dec. 3, at the break of dawn, nearly 100 demonstrators picketed the Education Achievement Authority board meeting on the campus of Eastern Michigan University and conducted a day long teach-in that drew hundreds to learn more about Gov. Rick Snyder’s education experiment. ...

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Protestors call for closing of check cashing store

The Coalition for Justice and Respect for Black Life rallied Nov. 29 for the immediate closure of an east side check cashing store where an alleged sexual assault of a local resident took place. The community organization formed after the alleged assault of a pregnant woman at the Gratiot Check Cashing store on Gratiot and Knodell. ...

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Exploiting Black athletes

There have been so many former professional athletes in the news recently who have gone from rags-to-riches-back-to-rags that they could form their own reality show. Future Hall of Famer Terrell Owens, for example, accumulated some amazing stats during his 15-year NFL career as a wide receiver: second in league history with 15,934 yards, tied for second with 153 touchdowns and sixth with 1,078 catches. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

No one should be surprised the federal judge ruled Detroit is eligible for bankruptcy. Hell, you’ve been eligible for full freedom, full citizenship and full democracy going on four centuries plus (that’s 400 plus years). Fulfilling eligibility is one hell of a process in America. ...

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State of emergency

This is an unprecedented moment. Almost everyone agrees the drive to bankruptcy in Detroit is carving new paths on the American landscape. The facts are stark. A city of 700,000 people has been stripped of local representation; elders who have worked a lifetime on the promise of modest pensions and healthcare are facing devastating losses; big banks are lobbying to protect debts and secure payments on quest ...

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Judge backs Snyder, Orr in bankruptcy

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes ruled Dec. 3 is eligible to enter into Chapter 9 bankruptcy. His historic ruling makes Detroit the largest municipality in the country to go bankrupt. In the 140-page opinion, Rhodes stated PA436, the emergency manager law, is not unconstitutional as some have claimed. He also ruled retiree’s pensions are not protected, although he requested a plan of adjustment from Emer ...

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EM Orr’s focus on long term debt “irrelevant”

Detroit’s financial crisis is attracting not just local but national attention. The world wants to know how one of America’s greatest cities — which many believe created the middle class — has found itself facing the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. A new analysis of the city’s finances is lifting the debate out of local circles often mired by lack of information, prejudice and bias. Superficial rep ...

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