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State of emergency

This is an unprecedented moment. Almost everyone agrees the drive to bankruptcy in Detroit is carving new paths on the American landscape. The facts are stark. A city of 700,000 people has been stripped of local representation; elders who have worked a lifetime on the promise of modest pensions and healthcare are facing devastating losses; big banks are lobbying to protect debts and secure payments on quest ...

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Judge backs Snyder, Orr in bankruptcy

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes ruled Dec. 3 is eligible to enter into Chapter 9 bankruptcy. His historic ruling makes Detroit the largest municipality in the country to go bankrupt. In the 140-page opinion, Rhodes stated PA436, the emergency manager law, is not unconstitutional as some have claimed. He also ruled retiree’s pensions are not protected, although he requested a plan of adjustment from Emer ...

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EM Orr’s focus on long term debt “irrelevant”

Detroit’s financial crisis is attracting not just local but national attention. The world wants to know how one of America’s greatest cities — which many believe created the middle class — has found itself facing the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. A new analysis of the city’s finances is lifting the debate out of local circles often mired by lack of information, prejudice and bias. Superficial rep ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Where is that Dem running for governor? The Michigan Democratic Party is on life support while the democracy-destroying-union-buster Governor Nerd, rebrands as a good guy showing up as a do-gooder at Focus: HOPE to distribute food while Nerd’s legislative bully friends in Lansing are whacking Detroit and single female headed households every time they get a chance. ...

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Bankruptcy judge to rule

Michigan AFSCME Council 25 President Al Garrett is asking “concerned citizens” and “warriors” to go to the Federal Court Building, Dec. 3. Judge Steven Rhodes is expected to announce his decision on the city of Detroit’s bankruptcy eligibility. Labor unions have argued Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr did not negotiate with the unions in good faith. At issue is the survival of pensions and upholding the state co ...

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Corrosive management

The process of emergency management reinforces values that destabilize Detroit. Having had more than a decade of EMs in our schools and the high profile installation of Kevyn Orr as an overseer of the city, the contradiction between civic values necessary to foster community life and the values that guide emergency management is becoming deeper every day. ...

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After the sexual assault of a pregnant Detroit resident on the city’s east side, a coalition of community members are calling for the store — where the assault took place — to be shut down. The perpetrator should be arrested and prosecuted, say organizers of The Coalition for Justice and Respect for Black Life, which was formed as a result of the incident. ...

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EM privatizes trash collection

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's office announced Nov. 14 the city of Detroit will privatize residential garbage collection beginning March 2014. Two companies, Advanced Disposal Services, of Point Vedra, Fla., and Rizzo Environmental Services, of Sterling Heights, Mich., will each handle half of the city's waste collection. Although, the specifics of their contract with the city have not yet been fina ...

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