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Council looks for alternatives to proposed Belle Isle lease

According to Council President Saunteel Jenkins, council has 10 days to approve or disapprove the deal, presented Sept. 30, by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. If voted down, Council will have an additional seven days to propose an alternate plan. No action by council will result in the approval of the current lease proposal. ...

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Recount Fizzles

By Phreddy Wischusen The Michigan Citizen When the Wayne County Board of Canvassers read Speckin Forensic Laboratories’ assessment that 19 of Detroit’s Aug. 6 primary ballots were most likely all written by separate individuals, in other words, not fraudulent, exasperated candidates and volunteer challengers erupted. At the Sept. 23 meeting of the board, accountant and recount petitioner Tom Barrow told the ...

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Big, but no punch: The Black consumer and economic development

With an increasing buying power of nearly $1 trillion annually — $1.3 trillion by 2017, if African Americans were a geographical-fiscal entity, they’d be the 16th largest country in the world, according to a recent Nielsen report. So then, why is it Black communities meet so many challenges when it comes to economic development? ...

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Weeklong protest claims M-1 RAIL is divisive

The North End Woodward Community Coalition (NEWCC), a coalition of bus riders and their supporters, are marching every day for a week to challenge ideas about the planned M-1 RAIL, a Woodward Avenue streetcar service. According to their Web site, “M-1 RAIL is a 501(c)3 organization managing the design, construction and operation of a circulating streetcar that will initially run 3.3 miles along Woodward Ave ...

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Council frowns on Belle Isle lease

During formal session on Oct. 1, council members expressed their disapproval of the state agreement with Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to lease Belle Isle. “It’s unfathomable to me that anybody could come to the New York City Council and advise the council that Central Park has been leased away to the state of New York without a hearing. I can’t imagine that,” Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said. “Belle Isle is ou ...

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Oakman School trashed, documents strewn

Birth certificates, parent permission slips and other sensitive documents are among the papers strewn around the front door of the shuttered Oakman Orthopedic school on the city’s west side. Aliya Moore, parent advocate, has two garbage bags full of documents she rescued from the front lawn of the school after it was closed at the end of school in July. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

I listen a lot more than I speak these days, because I had to learn the hard way there is power in silence and listening. The streets speak loudly if one is willing to shut up and listen to the wisdom bouncing around the potholes of Detroit where degrees and bank accounts are not required. ...

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Blight in our community

Blight is the new word of the day. As federal officials left town in the wake of promises to free up money for Detroit, images of burned out houses and falling down structures dominated discussions of our city. In the selective reporting of mainstream media, we are told Detroit has an unknown number of abandoned houses with estimates ranging between 78,000 and 91,000 homes. The impression is that each of th ...

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Detroit to be in ‘perpetual debt’

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr does not plan to investigate possible fraud, is unaware of a major revenue source for the city and will implement a plan that will put the city on a track to perpetual debt, according to Attorney Jerry Goldberg, Moratorium Now activist. “The city is trying to do a forbearance deal,” Goldberg said in an interview. Moratorium Now is trying to stop Orr’s move to pay off mega banks U ...

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