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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

There is the stench of inevitability in the political air of Detroit, fanned by billionaires Penske and Gilbert. Their dollars and influence have created the presumption of victory for D-U-G-G-A-N. Yep. Now these are two guys who stop at nothing to win — even if it’s a car race where the Penske team has been whacked for cheating, and Gilbert cheated with an illegal donation to the PAC that fuels D-U-G-G-A-N ...

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Memory and democracy

Just as the mainstream media rushed to foster myths and misinformation to justify the state takeover of Detroit, it is rushing to rewrite current history. We are being told that all elected city government was incompetent and bureaucratic. Hantz Farms/Woodlands is the prime example used by the mainstream media to illustrate bureaucratic delay. In a recent article extolling the virtues of an emergency manage ...

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