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Toward beloved communities

The appointment of Kevyn Orr as the emergency financial manager (EFM) of Detroit is a sad day for democracy. There is a growing understanding that the financial crisis justifying this move was manufactured by the withholding of state funds, the drive to protect the $474 million paid to banks and the desire to wrest control of the city away from its people and put it into the hands of the corporate elite. ...

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Mayor Dave Bing’s incompetence makes a case for his removal from office. He has betrayed city residents and acted against their best intersts. His decision to cede his responsibilities and accept Gov. Rick Snyder’s appointment of an emergency financial manager; his refusal to join Council in fighting the state takeover and his decision to work with the governor sparked several acts of civil disobedience thr ...

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Conflicts of interest in ‘restructuring’ choices

In a move that appears to only guarantee his own salary, Mayor Dave Bing jumped on the emergency financial manager (EFM) bandwagon within days of Gov. Rick Snyder’s March 1 proclamation that Detroit is in a financial crisis. His first decision, as he tries to move the city down the EFM path, was the announcement that Jones Day, the Cleveland-based mega law firm, will provide legal services for the city’s re ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Mind snacking over a small oatmeal in a large Clique bowl, I was wondering just how the already tabloid-trending Detroit media would sensationalize the Kilpatrick verdict. Rev. Charles Williams II, president of the Michigan National Action Network and a confidant of the erstwhile Rev. Al Sharpton, founder of NAN, was fooling around with one of those dumb azz smart phones streaming the breaking news on a rea ...

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New voices

The crisis in Detroit is not economic. It is a crisis in democracy. The contours of this crisis are becoming clearer with each passing day. On March 7, Mayor Bing called a press conference to announce that even though he disputed the “facts” of the rationale provided to the governor to appoint an emergency manager, he would not challenge the findings. “We need to end the drama and infighting and understand ...

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Mike Duggan says he is the turnaround candidate in Detroit’s mayoral race. He believes his experience at Wayne County, the SMART bus system and, most recently, the Detroit Medical Center, has prepared him for the challenges of running the city. Throughout the interview, Duggan talked about self-determination and the need for city control of assets and resources. The former Wayne County Prosecutor promises h ...

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Watson, Barrow meet with Dillon to discuss EFM

On March 4, days after Gov. Rick Snyder declared a financial emergency in the city of Detroit, Michigan State Treasurer Andy Dillon, acting on behalf of Gov. Snyder, summoned each member of the Detroit City Council to one-on-one private meetings. Councilmember JoAnn Watson enlisted Citizens for Detroit’s Future President Tom Barrow, CPA, to accompany her. ...

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