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Civil Rights leaders applaud Obama’s new initiatives

Two weeks ago, a group of civil rights leaders, led by National Urban League President Marc Morial, threw down the gauntlet, strongly urging President Barack Obama to address the jobs crisis and economics in America’s urban communities. Gauging applause following Obama’s Feb. 12 State of the Union address, he is at least beginning to meet the demand. ...

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‘A Man Can Change #10: A Family Affair’

Detroit Poet Joel “Fluent” Greene (above) is host of “A Man Can Change #10: A Family Affair.” The event is Feb. 22, 7 p.m. at The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Greene says the positive response over the years made him move to the larger venue. Other poets performing include Khari Kimono Turner, LaShaun Phoenix Moore, Tawana Honeycomb Petty, Chantay Legacy Leonard and M.L. Liebler. Fo ...

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Dems seek new blood at party convention

The state democratic party is in flux and in need of new blood. This is the rumbling coming from local democrats. The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) Convention will be held Feb. 23 at Cobo Center in downtown Detroit. Many are looking to replace Party Chair Mark Brewer, while others are more focused on their local districts. ...

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Howze: ‘I stand with Detroiters’

The threat of emergency management has become more real in the last week for Detroit. The financial review team, appointed by Gov. Snyder, is closer to making their recommendation for financial management. Mayoral Candidate Lisa Howze says her goal is to eliminate the need for the measures put in place to “turn the city around.” Howze says she would work to eliminate the Financial Advisory Board and put in ...

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Michigan Democratic Party may get new leadership

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer may be on his way out. Many Democrats believe it is time for new leadership and will select a new chair Feb. 23 at the 2013 party convention in Detroit. “Mark Brewer is one of the most ineffective chairmen we have ever had. He is absolutely not producing,” said political analyst Art Blackwell. “You can’t point to one election he was directly responsible for and he ...

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Council approves furloughs

City Council voted Feb. 12 to impose furloughs on its staff. The vote passed 6-2 with Council members Brenda Jones and JoAnn Watson voting “no.” Councilmember Kwame Kenyatta was absent. The vote came a day after the Financial Advisory Board reportedly voted in favor of furloughing about 600 unionized city employees. Council’s furlough days for its 40 staffers amount to a 10 percent pay decrease. ...

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Belle Isle fantasy

The effort by the state to take over Belle Isle is not likely to fade away. Instead, local corporate media (LCM) is using this situation to redouble its efforts to denigrate and distort the opposition to state-foundation-corporate driven development. After the City Council refused to consider the offer by the state to lease the island, Gov. Rick Snyder said he was pulling the deal off the table. The central ...

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Obama challenges Congress to complete ‘unfinished task’

After laying out a progressive agenda for his second term in his inaugural address, President Obama followed up with a series of specific proposals in his State of the Union address Feb. 12 that include increasing and indexing the minimum wage, repairing deteriorated infrastructure, and investing in education and clean energy. ...

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