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Public Values

There is a recurring theme emerging in national news coverage of Detroit. Whatever the writer’s political perspective, all agree that the filing of bankruptcy by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is an indication of their own future, and the future of other cities and towns. Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz wrote recently in the New York Times: “Detroit’s bankruptcy is a reminder of how divided our society has beco ...

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Snyder backs Wayne County Jail relocation proposal

Governor Rick Snyder issued a statement Aug. 14 in support of a proposal to relocate the Wayne County Jail complex to Mound Road, where former Mound Correctional Facility, which closed in January 2012, was located. Gov. Snyder says the proposal recognizes the resurgence of downtown Detroit and the significant economic benefits that would come from having the jail’s prime downtown location available for priv ...

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Problems with the primary

Defeated mayoral candidate Tom Barrow is challenging the primary election results that placed write-in candidate Mike Duggan as the top challenger in the November general election. Duggan and Clerk Winfrey were the top vote getters in the Aug. 6 primary with 44,395 votes and 57,601votes respectively. In an interview with radio host Angelo Henderson of AM1200 WCHB, Barrow implied the primary results were ill ...

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