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Beyond Detroit Works

Detroit Works recently released its framework for the redevelopment of the city. The project began two years ago amid a contentious series of town meetings following Mayor Dave Bing’s pronouncement that he intended to “shrink the city” and relocate people. The mounting public criticism of the effort forced a major rethinking of the approach. Highly paid consultants were quietly shifted into the background a ...

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Council removes Crittendon

In what’s been described as a “back room” deal between Mayor Dave Bing and six City Council members, Council voted by supermajority to approve four contracts to initiate Bing’s financial restructuring plan and to demote the city’s top lawyer, Krystal Crittendon. ...

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Black Detroit 21

What role will African Americans, as a majority population, play in Detroit’s ongoing development? This is one of the questions considered at “Black Detroit 21” curated by Odie Rynell Cash. The art exhibit will also address questions of identity, sexuality, protest and transition in the 21st century. ...

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Bing recall in jeopardy

New laws, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder in December, could mean the end of the effort to recall Mayor Dave Bing. “When Lansing changed the recall petitioner law in lame duck, and in the middle of our recall against Dave Bing, they demonstrated their resolve toward this coup d’etat of injustice, which is directed at Detroit by the hands of the Republican government of this state,” Rep. John Olumba told the Mich ...

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Pay up or shut off

Residents say they were “sandbagged” after receiving cumulative water bills on Christmas Eve without advanced notice from the city. Many, who had not received a water bill for a year, were given notification that they owe hundreds to thousands of dollars. Enclosed within their bills, residents and business owners received information about the city’s initiation of the Water Recalculation-Assessment Program ...

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