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Don’t ignore women for mayor!

Folk in mainstream media have mastered the art of looking and sounding as if they might really know WTF is going on. These jerks anoint leadership with a few clicks of the keyboard as they cut and paste their way up the journalistic dead end career ladder. Before the first suspect poll was foisted upon us in the sluggish jog for mayor of Detroit, two guys were scrounged up as sure to get through the primary ...

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What matters

Sometimes the earth slows you down. It is planting time in Detroit. There is a rhythm and focus brought by the turning of the seasons. At long last, the weariness of winter is falling away. Soil must be prepared. Soon seedlings will find their way into the thousands of urban garden and small backyard plots that have made Detroit a global leader in urban agriculture. Such moments of slowing down and finding ...

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EAA uses DPS to survive

In 2011, Gov. Rick Snyder promised that the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) would provide a new, stable, financially responsible set of public schools dedicated to improving outcomes for the lowest achieving schools. The EAA’s brief history has demonstrated it could not exist without Detroit Public Schools (DPS), the district from which EAA was carved, and whose borrowing authority is key to the gover ...

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