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Defense group holds off evictions, asks for community support

Occupy Detroit Eviction Defense has recently won two victories fending off imminent eviction. Jerry and Gail Cullors of Detroit’s Rosedale Park received an emergency plea for help Oct. 31. The Cullors have resided at their 14503 Artesian residence for 23 years, living with their son and his grandmother, who is 88 years old and suffers from Alzheimer’s. The family faced eviction from Bank of America. Jerry w ...

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Critical engagement

Once the dust of this election season settles, we in Detroit should prepare ourselves for another onslaught by those determined to reshape our city. The corporate-foundation-government elite have made it clear they have no respect for democratic processes. They will push their agenda to privatize public services and turn public goods into private gain. ...

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Bing recall heats up

Language to recall Mayor Dave Bing has been approved. In a unanimous decision Nov. 5, the Wayne County Election Commission certified ballot language to remove Mayor Bing from office. “Mayor Dave Bing reduced the hours that police precincts are open to the public,” is the approved language. ...

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Voters: ‘EM, pack your bags!’

“Pack your bags!” That was the message Detroit voters sent with their ballots Nov. 6 to DPS Emergency Manager Roy Roberts and other EMs. Proposal 1, and the continuation of emergency management rule, was headed for a narrow victory election night until the votes from Detroit pushed the ballot measure to defeat. ...

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Detroit Votes

For many who believe Detroit voters are not prepared and do not turnout, this election was a reminder of the depth and capacity of Detroit voters — a majority Black city. It also speaks to the growing importance of Black voters and other minorities. Obama carried Detroit with 97 percent of the vote, according to a Nov. 7 Dept. of Elections unofficial report. ...

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Detroit, get out the vote!

On Nov. 6, the economy, unemployment, “Big Bird, “binders full of women and “bayonets” will take a backseat to the only poll that maters in electing a president and vice president — ballots cast in the polling booth. Either way, history will once again be made on Election Day. Barack Obama will become the first Black president elected to a second term or Mitt Romney will become the first Mormon elected pres ...

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Bing recall still alive

The recall effort to remove Mayor Dave Bing from office is ongoing despite a 2-1 vote by Wayne County Election Commission’s Oct. 23 against the petition language. Commission members Judge Milton Mack and Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz opposed it. Clerk Cathy Garrett voted to approve the language. ...

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