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Detroit emerging

Something new is happening in Detroit. Largely unseen by the powerful elites who are locked in old ways of thinking, artists, visionaries, social philosophers, entrepreneurs and new thinkers and doers recognize these new possibilities. The signs of this new emergence are everywhere for those who are willing to look beyond the headlines that blind us. This past weekend was a vivid example of the new ways of ...

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Mayoral race heats up

While most Detroiters have not cast a ballot for the next president of the United States yet, another race is gaining momentum — the Detroit mayor’s race. Early polling has fueled headlines, speculation and supporters for a 2013 showdown. Big city politics is fundamental to the region and 2013 will not be an exception. Early polls indicate Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon would be a strong contender in D ...

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Citizens want Bing recalled

State Rep. John Olumba has asked the Michigan attorney general to investigate the transfer of the Detroit health department to a private nonprofit corporation. He has also asked the voters of Detroit to recall Mayor Dave Bing. Do you support the recall of Mayor Bing? ...

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Beyond debates

Within a few days, many of us will cast our ballots for the next president of the United States. We will also face a host of state and local candidates. In most places in Michigan, six main statewide initiatives will be accompanied by local ballot questions. This should signal a vigorous public life. But many of us recognize there is something very wrong going on in our country. ...

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Denzel Washington takes ‘Flight’

Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington stars in "Flight," in theaters Nov. 2. Washington plays Captain William "Whip" Whitaker, an airline pilot who saves a flight from crashing, but the investigation into the malfuncitons reveals something troubling. The film, which also stars Don Cheadle and John Goodman, is written and co-produced by Robert Zemeckis. ...

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Fair foods for Detroit

Dedicated to building a just and sustainable food system, the Fair Food Network has launched two new programs in Detroit. The Detroit Grocery Incubator program could increase grocery stores in Detroit and the Double Up Food Bucks program will allow Michigan Bridge card users to match their dollars with the purchase of Michigan-grown fresh foods and vegetables. ...

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Supreme Court considers limiting Affirmative Action

With one supporter of affirmative action retired and another declining to participate because of a conflict of interest, the concept of affirmative action is barely hanging by a thread as the United States Supreme Court justices prepare to rule in a case that involved a white woman suing the University of Texas because race was a minor factor in the admissions process. ...

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