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Howley takes on Patterson

Kevin Howley is the Democratic candidate running for Oakland County Executive. Howley, a graduate of Havard Business School, has worked in the private sector for the last 25 years. He currently works in turnaround management and has concentrated on helping nonprofits. He has two children and lives in Huntington Woods ...

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Election guide

We are facing a critical election season. Television, radio and print ads have bombarded voters with misinformation and outright distortions. Opponents to collective bargaining have invoked fears of child molesters and drunken teachers. Supporters of stopping a second bridge between the United States and Canada warn of millions of misspent dollars and those who would slow down a move to increase clean energ ...

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‘Bing is corrupt, we want him gone’

Again, allegations of corruption have surfaced in Detroit city politics — in the mayor’s office. State Rep. John Olumba, D-Detroit, has called for an investigation into Mayor Dave Bing’s office on the grounds of "fraud" and "embezzlement." In a letter obtained by the Michigan Citizen, dated Oct. 10 to Attorney General Bill Schuette, Olumba wrote: "I must bring to your attention actions by government officia ...

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Unemployment reaches lowest point under Obama

After receiving poor marks for his performance in his nationally televised debate with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, President Obama received a much-needed boost from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report showing that unemployment fell to 7.8 percent in September, the lowest it has been in nearly four years. ...

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Race matters

After months of rumors, Mike Duggan entered the race to become mayor of the city of Detroit. His campaign raises troubling questions. First, even supportive folks like Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press acknowledge that Mr. Duggan is a “carpetbagger” and fits “the dictionary definition of the opportunistic outsider.” He has barely lived in the city six months and wants to be mayor. Duggan’s claim t ...

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Valued development

By Shea Howell Special to the Michigan Citizen Almost every day Detroiters are confronted with some new effort to redevelop land. Most of these efforts are met with widespread suspicion, usually founded on bitter experiences of previous “development efforts.” Time and again we have seen a few people get rich while leaving the rest of us to deal with the pieces of shattered promises. All too frequently, thes ...

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