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BH gets a new EFM

Effective Feb. 1, Joseph Harris will no longer be the emergency financial manager (EFM) of Benton Harbor. But that’s only to make room for his replacement: 26-year-old Tony Saunders II. The Local Emergency Financial Assistance Loan Board voted unanimously Jan. 11 to appoint Saunders, a former financial consultant for the City of Highland Park. ...

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Beyond Detroit Works

Detroit Works recently released its framework for the redevelopment of the city. The project began two years ago amid a contentious series of town meetings following Mayor Dave Bing’s pronouncement that he intended to “shrink the city” and relocate people. The mounting public criticism of the effort forced a major rethinking of the approach. Highly paid consultants were quietly shifted into the background a ...

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Council removes Crittendon

In what’s been described as a “back room” deal between Mayor Dave Bing and six City Council members, Council voted by supermajority to approve four contracts to initiate Bing’s financial restructuring plan and to demote the city’s top lawyer, Krystal Crittendon. ...

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