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Valued development

By Shea Howell Special to the Michigan Citizen Almost every day Detroiters are confronted with some new effort to redevelop land. Most of these efforts are met with widespread suspicion, usually founded on bitter experiences of previous “development efforts.” Time and again we have seen a few people get rich while leaving the rest of us to deal with the pieces of shattered promises. All too frequently, thes ...

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EAA gets mixed reviews

By Marcus Wright Special to the Michigan Citizen DETROIT — Education Achievement Authority (EAA) administrators say the new district is doing fine. Parents and public education advocates say otherwise. In the last month, photos emerged of students, congregated in the auditorium at Mumford High Schoo,l because they didn’t have an assigned teacher for their classes. EAA Chief of Staff Tyrone Winfrey character ...

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The Fate of Emergency Managers in Voters’ Hands

By Yanjie Wang Special to the Michigan Citizen from Capital News Service LANSING — Michigan voters are waiting to decide the fate of Public Act 4 (PA4), known as the “Emergency Manager Law.” Among six ballot proposals in November, proposal 12-1 will ask voters to vote “yes” approving the emergency manager law or vote “no” to repeal the law. Public Act 4 establishes criteria to assess the financial condition ...

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More Than Lights

By Shea Howell Special to the Michigan Citizen Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press recently wrote about his frustration living in the dark. He wrote, “This is the fourth column I’ve written about this issue this year, and nearly the year mark from when I first noted the lights going out on major thoroughfares around the city. “The lights. Don’t. Work. In what other first-world city on the planet can ...

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