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Republicans have nothing coming in Detroit

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are being held the last week of August and the first week of September. Have you hear anyone at the Republican National Convention say anything to make you think the party had the best interest of labor, working people and the poor at heart? What do you hope to hear from Democrats at the Democratic National Convention that will assure you they’re continuing ...

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Purposeful education

By Shea Howell Special to the Michigan Citizen This week, children around the country are returning to school. Detroit is no exception. After a contentious summer, culminating in the return of academic responsibility to an elected school board, schools are once again opening their doors. But the Detroit Public School (DPS) system is now a very small part of the educational landscape. It now consists of less ...

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Citizens march for peace and justice

Crusade for America marchers link violence to ‘bad’ policies By Zenobia Jeffries The Michigan Citizen HIGHLAND PARK — “Stop the violence and save the vote” is the message Highland Park Pastor Rev. D. Alexander Bullock has set out to deliver to the masses. “In the community, we’re affected by gun violence and in politics, we’re affected by gangster politics and bullying,” Bullock told the Michigan Citizen du ...

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‘This land is ours’

Residents vent grievances to city officials over land grab By Zenobia Jeffries The Michigan Citizen DETROIT — During a listening session, held Aug. 22, about the city’s land sale process hosted by the Detroit Food Policy Council (DFPC), city officials told residents that the process was “convoluted” and that it’s likely “big projects” will be processed more quickly. “I hate to say it but money talks,” Rober ...

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‘Biden told the truth’

Several weeks ago Vice President Joe Biden appeared in Virginia before a group of supporters, a number of them African American, and said this of Republican Mitt Romney: “He is going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, unchain Wall Street. He is going to put y’all back in chains.” Republicans, and some Democrats, are accusing Biden of playing the race card. Were Biden’s remarks inappropri ...

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49 years later, Blacks still pressing to ‘overcome’

By Hazel Trice Edney Trice Edney News Wire It is called the anthem of the civil rights movement, no doubt sung at every major march and rally during the 1960s — including at the March on Washington, Aug. 28, 1963, 49 years ago this week. A sure sign of progress was when President Lyndon B. Johnson used its words amid his Voting Rights speech before Congress March 15, 1965: “We shall overcome,” he declared t ...

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Emergency experience

By Shea Howell Special to the Michigan Citizen Voters across the state of Michigan face a number of critical ballot questions this November. Detroiters, as well as people in other communities who have experienced the effects of emergency managers, have a special responsibility to advocate for the repeal of Public Act 4 (PA4). This legislation gives the state authority to appoint managers that set aside loca ...

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Under EM, schools not ready to open

DPS board stunned Roberts told judge schools were set By T. Kelly The Michigan Citizen DETROIT — Stunned that Emergency Manager Roy Roberts had misled the court into believing the schools were ready to open, the elected Detroit Board of Education moved to right matters at its special called meeting Aug. 16 at Frederick Douglass Academy, the former Murray Wright. “Are we ready to open?” Board President Lamar ...

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In theaters Aug. 31, filmmaker Spike Lee returns to his roots with “Red Hook Summer” the sixth film in his Chronicles of Brooklyn series. The film tells the story of Flik, played by child actor Jules Brown, who travels from the suburbs of Atlanta to spend the summer with his preacher grandfather in the rough Red Hook, Brooklyn neighborhood. Lee says he chose that neighborhood because it’s where co-writer Ja ...

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