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Black life and death not a public concern

In spite of all the dazzling media tools bringing about instant global communication, Black life is still often devalued, marginalized and grossly under the radar of public concern. Two startling recent examples of this repugnant negligence happened in Chicago and in Nigeria. Major news organizations are giving virtually blanket coverage to the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 lost somewhere over the Indian Oc ...

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Right-wing U.S. House budget bill hurts Michigan families

Who would turn their back on a battered woman? Who would steal food from a hungry child? Who would attack Medicare and the Affordable Care Act? Apparently, U.S. House Republicans have. A congressional budget is a statement of our priorities and values. It’s a contract with the American people. It contains public investment and spending. ...

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Black children deserve better

Forerunners like Carter G. Woodson, Mary McLeod Bethune and George Washington Carver must be walking out of their grave sites because of the dismal state of Black children across the country. In their time, they faced enormous obstacles and had far less financial support. Today, even with billions of dollars being poured into education, African American children still find themselves in inadequate and poorl ...

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Black America was silent during Rwandan genocide

It was 20 years ago this month that the monstrous Rwandan genocide unfolded. In less than 90 days, close to 1 million Rwandan Tutsis and their Hutu allies were murdered by right-wing Hutu extremists, instigated by the government of Rwanda. The scale and speed of the genocide defied imagination. Dramatized in the film “Hotel Rwanda,” the events of 1994 were linked to both the externally imposed economic poli ...

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High insurance premiums turn many Detroit motorists into hit-and-run drivers

Detroit leads the nation in the number of deaths caused by hit-and-run drivers. In fact, according to Michigan Crash Facts, Detroit accounts for nearly 50 percent of all hit-and-run fatalities in Michigan. The spike in vehicular homicides over the past few years in the city of Detroit has inspired many writers to comment on it. Most of their observations, however, appear to deliberately shield big corporati ...

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Makes you wanna holla!

The world, or more accurately, events in the world are moving at an ever increasing rate of speed. If I had to describe it in terms consistent with the general hyperbole of the typical television news reports, I’d say today’s world events are cascading in ever increasing and more bizarre terms than anyone would have expected 10 years ago. ...

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Voting in November 2014 midterm elections more important than ever

Last week in Austin, Texas, three former United States Presidents and President Barack Obama came together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which outlawed discrimination and segregation based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. The Civil Rights Act also offered greater protections for the right to vote, paving the way for the ...

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A disease of denial

“I’m tired,” my sisterfriend says. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.” As I hear her, I have a couple of choices. One is to tell her to get with her pastor and pray; the other is to tell her to get real with her illness. Running her to her pastor takes her to a familiar place. Pushing her to help takes her out of her comfort zone. When my beloved brothers and sisters share they are stymied in the ...

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Black women and pay equity: At the margin again

When John and Ann started working on Jan. 1, 2013, John had something of an advantage. Because women earn 77 cents for every dollar John earns, it will take Ann until April 11, 2014 to earn the same amount of money that John earned in the calendar year of 2013. The issue of unequal pay is so pressing President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act 50 years ago. While we have come a long way, the pay gap ...

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