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The devolution of bipartisanship

Former Kansas Senator and 1996 Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole was recently presented with an award that is named after him. The World Food Program USA’s first George McGovern and Bob Dole Leadership Award, is named after the Senator and his friend and colleague, Sen. George McGovern. The two teamed up in the 70s to make food stamps easier to get and use. Today, Republicans in Congress have been ...

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Black Bottom history lesson

French farmers were the first to name a part of Detroit “black bottom” because of the rich black soil there. In the early 20th century, the influx of thousands of “Blacks” into what had essentially been occupied before 1910 by immigrants from Europe, caused a host of social problems: the most prominent being the creation of this area — first a ghetto, then a slum. ...

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The Tax Man cometh

When the tax man cometh, Black dollars “goeth.” Where will they goeth? Down a myriad of paths in pursuit of new items such as furniture, cars, clothing and other niceties. But first, unless you do your own tax return or get it done for free by someone, Black dollars goeth to tax preparation firms, the vast majority of which are not owned by Black people. I can hear the two excuses right now: “I don’t know w ...

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Have your children read to you lately?

While challenging, I can proudly report that I find my position as National Chair of the National Congress of Black Women thoroughly rewarding. I can think of no greater responsibility or reward than leading women across the nation to the goal of empowering women of color and assisting in efforts designed to improve the quality of life for women and their families. Chief among our efforts are programs and i ...

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Beware political poverty pimps

An article published on, titled, “Running for Senate not job for paupers,” cited: “The average household in the United States has a net worth of $69,000, but the average wealth of a U.S. senator is about $12 million, according to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau and Center for Responsive Politics.” ...

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Detroit bankruptcy eligibility doesn’t change the call for an urban agenda

Michigan’s urban centers and large cities across the United States now have a new precedent to follow when it comes to municipal finance and restructuring local government. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Stephen Rhodes’ decision that the city of Detroit is eligible for Chapter 9 bankruptcy begins a process that, unlike other municipal bankruptcies, city residents will have very little interaction with. ...

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Power imbalance creates an environment ripe for abuse

The imbalance in economic power between Detroit’s mostly African American residents and the Chaldean and Arab merchants who own and operate most of the food stores, convenience stores, check cashing stores and gas stations in our community creates an environment ripe for abuse. Although there are some Chaldean and Arab merchants who treat residents with respect, at far too many stores, clerks display an att ...

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Nelson Mandela — a soul of rare vintage

Every now and then a soul of rare vintage comes our way. That soul, by circumstances, sacrifice and suffering, finds its way into the soul of our global culture, the family of man, and calls our better angels to fly. Such a soul is Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was truly a transformative force in the history of South Africa and the world. My heart weighs heavy today, but his life was full and the imprint h ...

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