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It’s time to stop abusing America’s public employees

The government shutdown engineered by the Republican tea party zealots in the House of Representatives has finally ended after nearly three weeks. The damage was done. Infants went without nutrition. Children were locked out of pre-school programs. Scientists lost support and locked up labs. The people who took the biggest hit, of course, were public employees — the workers who serve the American people. So ...

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Dr. Ben Carson ‘jumps Jim Crow’

Dr. Ben Carson is a world renowned American neurosurgeon. He is a brilliant physician with an incredibly compelling and motivational story. Born into poverty in Detroit in 1951 and raised by a single mother with a third-grade education, Carson became the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins and the youngest to head a surgical department. His focus, work ethic and commitment to excellence should be emul ...

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‘Coal can kill’

It should hurt anyone enough to hear the numbers from a Clean Air Task Force study showing DTE power plants contribute to 572 deaths, 916 heart attacks, 180 premature births and 8,990 asthma attacks each year. That hurt becomes so much more real, however, when you've spent the past year or so like I have organizing in communities like River Rouge and Trenton where two of DTE's coal-fired power plants reside ...

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Shutdown is really a showdown

Did you happen to see Jimmy Kimmel’s interesting skit two weeks back, where he asked people on the street whether they preferred “Obamacare” or the “Affordable Care Act?” Far too many people chose the “Affordable Care Act” over “Obamacare” without realizing they are one and the same law. ...

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There were alternatives to bankruptcy in Detroit

You don’t have to be from Detroit to be angry at what is happening there. And you don’t have to be from Detroit to lend your voice to an injustice that not only affects Detroit, but also the rest of the nation. If you agree with the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition on this matter, please go to, search for “Detroit Bankruptcy,” and sign the Rainbow/PUSH-sponsored petition. ...

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What’s in our shopping carts?

  By Cheryl Pearson-McNeil NNPA With a current buying power of $1 trillion, manufacturers and marketers should be paying careful attention to the shopping patterns of African American consumers. Nielsen’s latest report on Black consumers, Resilient, Receptive and Relevant: The African American Consumer 2013 Report, illustrates how much of that spending breaks down: Our annual retail spending makes up 8 ...

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Violence against women

Domestic violence must be viewed as a men’s issue, not just a women’s issue, which requires changing the intervention strategies. We must deal with this issue from both sides by decreasing the number of male perpetrators and helping women stay out of abusive relationships. We know men who experience domestic violence as children are more likely to commit it as adults, so let’s break the cycle by providing c ...

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Detroit: Matters of the heart

During an interview with radio talk show host Mildred Gaddis, WCHB 1200 AM, at the 14th Annual Rainbow Push Global Automotive Summit, Rev. Jesse Jackson called the EM Law and Kevyn Orr’s blatant disrespect for Democracy “Plantation Politics”. So we ask again, how and why did we get here? What helped to foster this red herring of distrust and blame for African American leadership. ...

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A pillar of faith

In a democracy, no matter what the country, when someone goes into the election booth to vote he or she leaves expecting that “one person, one vote” rules the day and the result of the election is the will of the people. This is not a hope or a wish, but rather an expectation, where one of the pillars to a democracy and a fundamental part of the American way of life is the ballot box. Generations of America ...

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