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Fourth of July letter to EM Orr

Today is the one day that we are to reflect on the meaning and historical significance of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. One of the self-evident truths expressed that day was that governments derive their legitimacy from the consent of the governed. That powerful concept means that any governance not established by the people is not legitimate. That very concept is at the heart of the subs ...

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Marching in place

As we draw nearer to one of the most relevant events in history, an event that has been revered and immortalized by the iconic phrase “I have a dream,” hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to relive the famous March on Washington. August 28, 1963, was the day that a quarter million people descended on the National Mall and heard Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his timeless speech that began with an ...

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An economic divide is growing in our cities

What is the plan for our nation’s cities? Are they simply to simmer with a growing divide between the affluent financial district and the impoverished slums? Will another generation be lost while we wait for the inevitable explosions? The gulf between the realities of our cities and the foolishness of our politics has seldom been wider. ...

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