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Russell Simmons, Harriett Tubman and the history of myopia

Every time I hear the voice of Russell Simmons, I hear a cool, clean, clear meditative voice, especially on Twitter where he drops his yoga knowledge in a reflective way. I guess he wasn’t folding his legs and saying a centered “Om” when he decided to ridicule an African woman. How did his voice distort itself to decide that he would post a YouTube video on a space where everybody could watch “Harriet Tubma ...

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Put the blame on me

More distressing news arrived weeks ago when it was reported that the usually secure pension fund was in jeopardy. Suddenly, there was a gaping doughnut hole in the fund, stretching to $3.5 billion. According to a story by Mary Williams Walsh in the New York Times, the city has promised its workers “more than they can reasonably expect to deliver.” “The problem,” she continued, “has nothing to do with the u ...

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Detroit: Death certificate or rebirth?

Will the largest city in history to file bankruptcy receive a death certificate? Or will this action result in a new birth certificate for the Motor City? Of course, a city as large and well-situated as Detroit will not die. Already, there are plans for a $400 million hockey stadium, despite all the tales of woe and danger put forth by various media outlets. All things considered, will Detroit’s majority po ...

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