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Five years after the crash began

Five years after the beginning of the financial collapse and the Great Recession, where are we? President Obama has offered Americans a progress report. He hailed the steps taken to turn the economy around and rescue the auto and financial industries. He used the occasion, sensibly, to challenge Republicans in the Congress not to do more damage to the slow recovery by manufacturing another unnecessary budge ...

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Open letter to President Obama

I am writing you as a frustrated American citizen who has participated in the process of defending democracy and my rights, the rights of other Detroiters and the rights of citizens in the state of Michigan. You should also know I voted for you in both elections, made modest contributions and worked on your first campaign as a volunteer. I have functioned as a precinct delegate, co-campaign manager, senior ...

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Fiduciary duty to City of Detroit Municipal Corporation

To Judge Steven Rhodes: Regarding the bankruptcy of the City of Detroit Municipal Corporation, I am concerned our attorney, the Jones Day firm, has a financial conflict in representing us in negotiations and big deals with Wall Street municipal bond firms. Also, the State of Michigan and its agents, the governor and emergency manager, have financial and fiscal conflicts with the City of Detroit. Therefore, ...

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Cuts in SNAP: No food for the hungry

Steven and Laurie, a white married couple that live near Richmond, Va., work at a big box store. Laurie is a cashier; Steven works in the storeroom. Each earns about $9 an hour, but neither works 40 hours a week. Indeed, they are lucky to pull 40 hours a week combined. Some weeks, they are fortunate enough to pull 45 hours a week between them. Some weeks, their combined hours are just 30. I met Steven and L ...

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CBC should highlight Detroit

By William Reed NNPA Since the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) started its Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) weekend, the “Michigan Reception” and “Motown Live Afterglow” have always been the premier parties. From the first Black Caucus weekend in 1971, Motown music executive LeBaron Taylor held the record for hosting the best ALC party. Like other Detroit heavy-hitters, Taylor, a former radio DJ, stood ...

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Economic crime and punishment          

By James Clingman Trice Edney Newswire We talk a lot about criminal justice and crime in the streets, especially among Black people.  Mass incarceration of Black men, disparate sentencing, private prisons, legal slavery inside prisons based on the 13th Amendment, and all the other plagues that beset us vis-à-vis our criminal justice system and prison industrial complex, dominate our conversations regarding ...

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Inner city blue collars

What is happening to the great, thriving blue collar cities of America is more than tragic. It reveals a systemic pattern of benign neglect that strips away the chance of steady employment from adults and indirectly channels many of our nation’s at-risk youth toward a life of poverty and crime. The future is not bright unless we as a people lay hold of it. Black inner city blue collars are a perishing breed ...

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So Mike Duggan agrees with me, or does he?

On Sept. 10, I attended the Education Pioneers 10 Year Anniversary in San Francisco. As a 2008 Bay area alum, this is significant to me as was this phenomenal fellowship which served as the catalyst for my education advocacy to ensure a quality education for all children throughout the city of Detroit. While this five-year voluntary commitment proves challenging, I strongly believe I made the right decision ...

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