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Killing and dying for respect

There was some disbelief over social media when it was suggested the accused shooter of two Newark, N.J., teens was prompted by the suspect’s feeling disrespected. The suspect, a 15 year-old boy, is reported to have been angry because he believed two other young men had “hit” on a girl he was dating. The boy’s rage resulted in the death of a 13-year-old girl, Zainee Hailey, who was struck by a stray bullet ...

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First lady Obama ignores Black women’s issues

I read (Dr. E. Faye Williams’ Dec. 8 ) column in the Michigan Citizen and want to raise a few issues around mothers’ work and women’s struggles for justice. I understand from Dr. Williams’ critique of Ms. Cottle that she feels our first lady is failing women in her role as chief executive’s partner. Although you perceive this as a white woman’s failure to understand Black women’s priorities, I would like to ...

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Our house divided: What US schools don’t teach about US-style Apartheid

In the last few weeks, we’ve paid great attention to Nelson Mandela’s call for forgiveness and reconciliation between South Africa’s former white rulers and its exploited Black majority. But we’ve paid less attention to the condition that Mandela insisted must underlie reconciliation — truth. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission that Mandela established, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu chaired, was designed ...

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The devolution of bipartisanship

Former Kansas Senator and 1996 Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole was recently presented with an award that is named after him. The World Food Program USA’s first George McGovern and Bob Dole Leadership Award, is named after the Senator and his friend and colleague, Sen. George McGovern. The two teamed up in the 70s to make food stamps easier to get and use. Today, Republicans in Congress have been ...

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Black Bottom history lesson

French farmers were the first to name a part of Detroit “black bottom” because of the rich black soil there. In the early 20th century, the influx of thousands of “Blacks” into what had essentially been occupied before 1910 by immigrants from Europe, caused a host of social problems: the most prominent being the creation of this area — first a ghetto, then a slum. ...

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The Tax Man cometh

When the tax man cometh, Black dollars “goeth.” Where will they goeth? Down a myriad of paths in pursuit of new items such as furniture, cars, clothing and other niceties. But first, unless you do your own tax return or get it done for free by someone, Black dollars goeth to tax preparation firms, the vast majority of which are not owned by Black people. I can hear the two excuses right now: “I don’t know w ...

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Have your children read to you lately?

While challenging, I can proudly report that I find my position as National Chair of the National Congress of Black Women thoroughly rewarding. I can think of no greater responsibility or reward than leading women across the nation to the goal of empowering women of color and assisting in efforts designed to improve the quality of life for women and their families. Chief among our efforts are programs and i ...

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