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Tarot and Tea divines brighter present for Detroiters

Nefertiti comes from a long line of spiritually precocious people. Her grandfather was a spiritualist. His son, a jazz musician, also had the gift. “He used to touch people’s hands and tell them about themselves,” Nefertiti says of her father. “(But) he was frustrated because he had to work a factory job. No one would take him seriously about his spiritual gift. It got to a point where adults would ask him ...

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Free event offers ‘Economic Empowerment’ 

Business, entertainment, education and ministry leaders are expected to attend the 2014 Detroit Economic Empowerment Summit, July 18-19 in Detroit. More than 3,500 are expected to attend, say event organizers. The summit will be hosted by entrepreneur and global ministry leader Dr. Bill Winston. The conference theme is “Empowered by the Blessing” and will be held at Straight Gate International Church (10100 ...

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The Shed is ‘so Detroit’

Akwamu and his apprentice, Tresvant Wallker, 18, capitalized on the trend and designed "IAMSODETROIT" T-shirts. Entrepreneur Kwasi Akwamu is so Detroit he designed T-shirts from a trending phrase on Facebook among Detroiters. Two days ago, Facebook users in the metro Detroit area (and those who used to live here) began posting phrases showing their community pride. "I am so Detroit...." flooded many users' ...

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Groups announce plan to boost spending among Blacks

The U.S. Black Chambers and the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators, and Developers are formally partnering to make sure a significant portion of the $40 billion African Americans spend each year on travel and tourism remain in Black hands. The partnership was launched last week at the start of USBC’s professional development conference, held at the Marriott Marquis in the District of Colu ...

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Thrift on the Ave: Redefining women’s fashion resale on Cass Avenue

Amidst a steadily rejuvenating Cass Avenue in Midtown Detroit, Thrift on the Avenue has become a local hot spot for shoppers on the lookout for a fashion fix with a quaint boutique experience. More comfortable than a typical thrift store, this independently-owned shop specializes in quality resale dresses at an affordable price. “We wanted a really good price point, but we wanted to provide a different expe ...

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New app allows Detroiters to find small Black-owned businesses around them

Leaders and thinkers from Marcus Garvey to James Clingman have identified how Black neighborhoods could be transformed rapidly if billions of African American consumer dollars were spent in Black communities or with Black-owned businesses. Now a new cellphone app/website will allow Black entrepreneurs and consumers who want to keep their money in their community to find each other. The Small Black Business ...

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Shinola expands manufacturing, creates jobs, opportunities to craft leather

In its first few years, Shinola’s watch manufacturing operation has made international news. Former President Bill Clinton even sports a few Shinola watches and took a tour of the factory. Last year, Shinola assembled over 50,000 watches; this year they believe they’ll get closer to 150,000. “We simply did not imagine we’d have the success that we’ve had,” says Shinola CEO Steve Bock, who started the enterp ...

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Detroit’s Hispanic business community weathering time of economic crisis

The Latino Press explored the effects of the current economic crisis in Detroit on the business environment of the Hispanic community. Mexicantown in Southwest Detroit, is where the Hispanic community of the region is primarily settled. It is a vibrant community of neighborhoods, parks, schools, and churches. One of the anchors of the community and of its success has been the burgeoning small business econo ...

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Lagos spices up local food scene

Tunde Wey is earning quite a reputation in Detroit’s culinary avant-garde, first with his Hamtramck Revolver pop-up concept, followed by Goldfinch American. The Nigerian born chef recently launched a third concept, Lagos, a Saturday-night-only Nigerian barbeque joint in Southwest Detroit. But Wey, who moved to the U.S. by himself at 16 to attend college, doesn’t just jockey the finances; on opening night, h ...

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