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From the desk of the CEO

I’ve had to make very difficult decisions in 2013 — the kind that challenge you and make you feel uncomfortable. That’s how real leaders grow. Last year, I had to work extra hours every day, including Saturdays. I can’t remember ever working this long or hard. I’ve had to jump into the role of CEO and then as putty to fill in the gaps wherever needed. ...

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Tattoo artist profits from penitentiary

“Prison saved my life,” says Marcus “Big Penn” Samuel, owner of Penitentiary Tattoos on Detroit’s east side. Life hasn’t been easy for the self-made entrepreneur. His mother was neglectful and struggled with substance abuse. She kept Samuel away from his father for the first decade of his life. When he was 10 years old, the state put him and his siblings into foster care. Two years later, luckily, Samuel’s ...

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‘Spectacles’ helps Detroiters look good

“For those who like to stand out,” is the motto of Spectacles, owned and operated by Zana Smith. Spectacles has been in Harmonie Park for over 20 years and is one of Detroit’s most stylish small retail shops. This holiday shopping season, the store is once again filled from top to bottom with leading fashion brands, music, books and accessories for a unique gift-shopping experience. ...

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Highland Park businesses unite

The Highland Park Business Association hosted their annual meeting and holiday reception at the Wayne Metro building on Nov. 21.Awards were presented to Errol Service of McDonald’s for starting the Highland Park classic car cruise; Highland Park Fire Chief Derek Hillman; Debbie Schutt, executive director of WA3, for their work on revitalizing the Ford plant; and Teresa Harrington from Wayne Metro. A perform ...

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Urban Economic Conference

The Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce held its second annual Urban Economic Conference, Nov. 7 in Detroit. The Urban Economic Conference was held to connect urban entrepreneurs and business owners to the local, state and national resources, and networks they need to grow and hire. Making sure entrepreneurs have access to contracting opportunities is a top priority, according to an MBCC press statement. ...

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Detroit entrepreneur accessorizes

As an entrepreneur and professional, Angela Boone has worn many hats; she is the author of several books, the publisher of The Outer Court News, and a motivational speaker. Her former construction firm, Boone Management, completed school renovations at Howe Elementary and she worked in energy management as a project control specialist with Honeywell International. On Oct. 19, she will officially launch the ...

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Renaissance man, tech visionary

For Richard Clay, owning his own business was something he always wanted. At two years old, Clay went completely blind. For him, it was the equivalent of being born blind, because, he says, he cannot remember ever seeing. That didn’t stop him, however, from achieving his goals. Clay attended the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor where he got his first taste of entrepreneurship. ...

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Church gets into the coffee business

Grace United Church of Christ has entered the coffee business as Higher Grounds Ministries runs The Higher Grounds Coffee Cafe in a three-story, newly renovated building on the corner of Nottingham and Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Park Rev. Marica Fairrow is the pastor of the small congregation who, on Sundays, hold worship service right in the middle of the cafe. She has been pastoring this ministry for al ...

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Lady barber cuts it up

Julie Colquitt, owner of Just Cuttin’ Up, always knew she would be a barber. The 47-year-old received her first set of tools as a pre-teen. “When I was in the seventh grade, I asked my mother for a pair of clippers for my birthday, and she honored me,” said Colquitt. “I had never been to a barbershop, I had three brothers, and I had never seen them get their hair cut.” Colquitt says she always knew cutting ...

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