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Exhalation Center strives to heal individuals, communities

No signage on the large sea-foam green building at 18930 Greenfield, Detroit, indicates healing oasis waiting within. But, Karla Mitchell, doctor of natural health, has transformed the former dentist’s office into the Exhalation Integrative Wellness Center, where she uses a variety of naturopathic and homeopathic techniques, Ayurvedic remedies, traditional forms of Chinese medicine, and noninvasive forms of ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle, J.D.

The Democratic Party is suffering from some freaky paralysis that renders Dems incapable of defining who and what Dems are and why the voter should vote for a Democrat. ... When independent voters see Dems turning on President Obama in a most vile manner, why would they vote for candidates of such a party? ...

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