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Emmett and Trayvon: How racial prejudice has changed 

Separated by 1,000 miles, two state borders and nearly six decades, two young African American boys met tragic fates that seem remarkably similar today: Both walked into a small market to buy some candy and ended up dead. The first boy is Emmett Till, who was 14 years old in the summer of 1955 when he walked into a local grocery store in Money, Miss., to buy gum. He was later roused from bed, beaten brutall ...

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Obama remarks on Zimmerman verdict draw accolades 

President Barack Obama’s surprise address to the nation identifying with the anger and hurt over the Trayvon Martin not-guilty verdict has won praise from supporters and detractors alike. As the nation anticipated protests July 20 in cities across the nation in response to the not-guilty verdict in the shooting of the unarmed teenager, President Obama gave unscripted remarks the afternoon before on racial s ...

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